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Qaitbay International school

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2 02 25 414 789/315/3 29 , 2 010 1607 1307


4th District, 5th settlement, New Cairo, Cairo Show On Map

Qaitbay International school

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School number

2 02 25 414 789/315/3 29 , 2 010 1607 1307
4th District, 5th settlement, New Cairo, Cairo Show On Map

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School fees
National Primary School 1st Grade
20000 EGP
National kindergarten Kg-1
20000 EGP
National Primary School 2nd Grade
20000 EGP
National Primary School 3rd Grade
20000 EGP
National Primary School 4th Grade
20000 EGP
National Primary School 5th Grade
20000 EGP
National Primary School 6th Grade
20000 EGP
National kindergarten Kg-2
20000 EGP

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ما هي السورة التي ذكر فيها البعوض ؟

سورة الاخلاص

سورة البقرة

سورة نوح

سورة التوبة

about Qaitbay International school

Their school accomplishments

Since Their School was founded in 2004, the School has continued to grow in terms of

enrollment, and to expand in terms of curriculum. Enrollment for the 2015-2016

academic year is close to 400 students, and the High school course of study now

includes 2 classes per grade. In terms of curriculum we have upgraded our curriculum

to the common core standards in English, Math, and Science.

Such growth is the result of a school-wide commitment to continuous improvement.

A remarkable increase , in the number of highly qualified teachers that were hired to

improve the educational level of students in languages and other subjects.

The past five years have been marked by growth, most notably in the areas of

classroom instruction and student performance. Setting clear goals for the desired

results for student learning, the faculty has remained committed to the school

improvement goals as determined prior to the reaccreditation review and self-study


Those goals focused on specific areas for improvement: critical and creative thinking

skills, instruction differentiation, and study skills.

- Various teachers and administrators attending Educational courses conferences,

workshops and online teaching returning to share their excitement and ideas with

colleagues in all divisions; department and division meetings at which all study skills

techniques were developed.

- An intentional revision of several curricular materials, including but not limited to the

required reading list, the grammar sequence, the writing and comprehension, social

studies in the Elementary School, goals and objectives for upper school courses.

- Regularly scheduled team and department meetings at which the goal of developing

critical, creative thinking skills, as well as the comprehension. The goal of differentiation

in the classroom were discussed, ideas were shared, and questions were raised and

answered, all resulting in more effective classroom interactions.

- Teachers visiting each other’s classrooms, both within and between divisions, as well

as teachers visiting schools in other areas of the country to observe and learn new


-Other highlights from the past five years that are not specific to the 2010-2015 action

Plan yet have enhanced the QPLS School community include the following:

- A notable rise in SAT results of our students over the past two years.

- The current monies raised earmarked for construction and renovations to the existing

campus buildings.

- Since 2004-15, an increase of 80% in the total number of students.

- Availability of a new technology curriculum “Techno Kids” project have detailed lesson

plans that include step by step instructions materials are supplied from Kg – grade 12

in which integrates all subjects together.

- The addition of athletic playing; we have students that participate in the national,

regional and international competitions in swimming, soccer, and horse- back riding.

- The school is applying The MAP standardized tests to evaluate and analyze students

learning process.

- Teachers are now dealing with the school Google apps. On which they upload and

communicate with students and parents.

- On monthly basis the whole school has a writing, and reading days.

- The school meets the requirements for the program of learning, by establishing

appropriate grade level, and graduation requirements, that leads the student toward

great promotion, diploma, higher education, and all prepares for a career.

- We supplied the elementary, middle, and high school students with technological

materials related to their educational process to help in their academic progress.

- Implement daily oral language usage at all levels

- Using Daily Language Review activities to improve grammar skills,

- Students are learning how to present orally their projects , using of technology from

Grades 1-12

- We Expand opportunity and commitment to extra-curricular such as, field trips, class

theaters, and community service, etc…..

- Free time built into schedule for activities, interests, and needs.

Summary of the school’s accomplishments in the last years:

a) Champion horseback rider placed second in the national dressage competition..

b) Champion horseback rider placed first in the Jumping competition

c) SAT I score of 2200 in Grade 12 academic year 2015-2016

d) SAT I score of 1940 in Grade 11 academic year 2015-2016

e) Purchased 25 new Mercedes buses

f) Hired highly qualified teachers.

g) All classrooms are equipped with SMART-Boards & Air-Conditions.

The school facilities

An attractive & comfortable school

All facilities needed are spacious and up-to-date

Comfortable classrooms air conditioned

 International library &self-access center

 1 Computer Lab. with self-access facilities and work stations with free access to the

Internet and media facilities

Data show room with modern audio-visual equipment.

1 science lab. (Chemistry, Biology and Physics)

1 swimming pool

4 football fields, and one basketball playground and a special playground for KG

Music room

One art room

Cafeteria presents hot meals

omfortable and safe air conditioned busses

Our school year starts on 1stSunday in September and ends in June 15th. The school

day schedule consists of 7 instructional sessions per day, 55min. per class session,

covering 35 academic weeks, 5 days a week, with Friday and Saturday off.

Academic Program

QPLS program is an American college preparatory program with the majority of our

graduates to attend either national or International Universities. In general, college

admissions priority is given to students who have completed 1 credit of English, Math,

Science, and Social Studies, and minimum of one foreign language. We highly

recommend students pursue a course of study that is as rigorous as possible during

their high school years. Our Math & English courses offered are the courses for which

a student must demonstrate a high level of academic achievement to be prepared to

earn high SAT score.

The academic year is divided into four quarters, and by the end of the year we calculate

the average of four. Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. High school

students also have a cumulative academic record (a transcript). This transcript shows the

courses taken, quarter grades earned, credit awarded, previous schools attended, and

overall grade point average. The school is calculating the GPA with the international

scales provided by Advanc-ED. There is a student’s official academic record which

parents and students are advised to frequently review

American Diploma educational programs

Each student will study certain core subjects during the 4 years of high school


1 Credit = a minimum of 120 hours of classroom instruction

Lesson period is 1 hour X 5 days per week X 24 weeks = 120 hours

 QPLS academic year is 35 weeks or 172 academic instructional days (55 min

/ session)

To pass in a subject, the student’s grade average must be 60% or higher.

Each academic year the student must study 8 subjects

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