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EasySchools-Cairo International School-logo

Cairo International School

Cairo International Schools National and American Division have been contributing to the educational field for 25 yearsBoth Schools provide students with : * We have stages nursery ,kg ,prim and prep ( national section )Elementary ,middle and High (American Division )* Complete safe educational Environment .* Extensive Green Area.* AdvancED accreditation . * Variety of activities and talents development.* Qualified Teachers.* Air conditioned classes.* Smart boards.* Swimming pool * Air conditioned Buses.* 5 minutes from Mohandseen and 2 minutes from Ring Road.

EasySchools-Greatness Language School-logo

Greatness Language School

Greatness Language School seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through emphasizing the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each student all over the educational stages from kindergarten to the preparatory stage.

EasySchools-Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule-logo

Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule

Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule is an exclusive German school in Dokki, Giza, Egypt, in the Cairo metropolitan area. It is operated by the German Protestant community of Cairo.

EasySchools-Orouba Language School-logo

Orouba Language School

It is our school mission to:Pursue continuous professional development for all school employees.Discover talent and creativity in students and assist them reach their full potential.Promote and instill in the student a commitment to principles and values.Spread awareness concerning physical health through various physical activities.Instill in the student the concept of community service through student participation in external community activities.

EasySchools-El Horreya Language School-logo

El Horreya Language School

El Horreya Language School

EasySchools-Child Home Language School-logo

Child Home Language School

Child Home Language School

EasySchools-Child Palace School-logo

Child Palace School

Child Palace Schoollanguages - arabickg - primary

EasySchools-El Neel Language School-logo

El Neel Language School

*Students are to Perfect the basic learning skills.*Nurturing the spirit of team work.*Stressing the moral values and the sense of citizenship.*Ensuring a healthy and safe atmosphere for students and employees at School.*Developing the vocational capabilities of teachers through conducting regular and continuous on the-job- training programs.*Activating the role of the training programs and the social participation.*Training all employees in all fields of modern technology.

EasySchools-Elwy Language Schools-logo

Elwy Language Schools

•Establishing a highly knowledgeable and cultured school leadership and raising awareness about the educational operation.•Extending the role of libraries to the best effect and holding cultural symposiums.•Enhancing the board of Trustees’ role in the participation of the educational operation.•Augmenting the social worker’s performance to get the full benefit of a better academic function for learners.•Providing the school with highly technological educational equipment such as language and computer labs.•Raising the academic level of the learners with learning difficulties and developing the work quality of the more advanced learners.•Developing the teacher’s role in the learning process and improving their vocational and educational qualifications.•Encouraging the participation of learners and their families in social work and charity events.•Encouraging the participation of learners and teachers in health and environmental campaigns to minimize pollution problems.•Boosting the role of the school activities and catering for gifted and talented learners.

EasySchools-Royal House Language School-logo

Royal House Language School

Royal House Language School was established in September 2003. The original enrollment was 186 pupils. Now our school community has reached almost 2500 students and we continue to attract more every year. The school is located on Sakkara Road / Marrioteya. It is set on an area of30000 m2. It serves children in stages of kindergarten up to Secondary

EasySchools-Trust International Schools-logo

Trust International Schools

Trust school aspires to be outstanding educational organization by establishing reputation for excellence between schools which present teaching American program in Egypt.

EasySchools-Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School - SKILLS-logo

Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School - SKILLS

Our mission at SKILLS is to provide our students with solid grounding in education and extend the moral doctrine at home. Education and moral behavior will be achieved by our students with the aid of our dynamic and dedicated staff. This ensures that students will gain the maximum benefit during school hours. The use of latest teaching techniques will allow students to become successful, cultured and moral contributors to any community, be it local, national or global