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EasySchools-Leaders Private Schools-logo

Leaders Private Schools

Leaders Private Schools

EasySchools-AlResala Language Schools-logo

AlResala Language Schools

The 1st language school in Belbisour vision is to present the best educational services for your students

EasySchools-Horizon Language Schools-logo

Horizon Language Schools

Horizon Language Schools

EasySchools-El-Fouad International School-logo

El-Fouad International School

El Fouad International School, which provides students with an educational community that fosters a passion for excellence, along with mutual respect and understanding. At El Fouad International School the instructional strategies combine theory with practice, and focus on innovative and successful ideas. We advance and strengthen our education with American curriculum and standards...

EasySchools-El Sherief Private Schools-logo

El Sherief Private Schools

El Sherief Private Schoolskg - primary - Middle School - High Schoolarabic - languages

EasySchools-Ali Zaky's Islamic Privacy School-logo

Ali Zaky's Islamic Privacy School

Ali Zaky's Islamic Privacy Schoolarabic - languages kg - primary - middle - high

EasySchools-Notre Dame Des Apotres School-logo

Notre Dame Des Apotres School

Notre Dame Des Apotres School

EasySchools-Al Awael Schools-logo

Al Awael Schools

The idea of ​​establishing the first schools came into being in 2005, with the aim of creating a new generation of our children and daughters with values, religion, lofty principles and good morals, in addition to the educational process that the school administration pays the greatest attention and care so that our students can get the highest grades to enable them to Join the top colleges and universities.Therefore, the owners of schools began to establish and from then on the owners of schools provided all the required capabilities after the work of all the feasibility studies required for this giant project, and to succeed this work accurately, both in the implementation of the establishment of the same project from buildings and educational means to the latest methods of education Modern education that ensures the progress and achievement of the process and education to the best and the selection of the best elements scientifically and educationally qualified to achieve the desired goals

EasySchools-Al - Shaimaa Islamic Private School-logo

Al - Shaimaa Islamic Private School

With love we play and by playing we teach our children and prepare them physically, mentally and religiously

EasySchools-Asseddiq international schools-logo

Asseddiq international schools

Asseddiq Language Schools is situated in the Tenth of Ramadan City and it is , about 55 kilometers northeast of Cairo on an area of ​​9000 m2 and the building is surrounded by trees and gardens , the first Language School in Tenth of Ramadan which opened in 95 – 96 .map• It is the first integrated school (languages ​​- Arabic – American Diploma) from kindergarten up to secondary school.

EasySchools-Future leaders school-logo

Future leaders school

Future leaders schoollanguageskg - primary - middle - high

EasySchools-El-massria Integrated schools-logo

El-massria Integrated schools

El Massria Integrated Schools in Egypt has been one of Egypt's leading schools since it opened its doors to its first (70) students in 1990. Today, EIS has three campuses, with a combined student population of over 4000 students.EIS Egypt is accredited from Northwest Accreditation Commission NWAC, a group of ten American and British schools spanning six countries and three continents. In partnership with the school community, our mission is to provide eligible students, primarily from the Middle East and living in the Greater Cairo area, with a challenging American and International college preparatory education. Our caring, professional faculty strives to empower our students to become critical, independent thinkers with the skills to be dynamic participants in an ever-changing global society.