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masters language school

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Fardous City - 6 October City, Egypt October Show On Map

masters language school

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Fardous City - 6 October City, Egypt October Show On Map

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to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

من اول الشعوب الذين وضعوا الحروف الهجائيه؟





about masters language school

Welcome to Masters Language School (MLS), a Language school situated in al fardous City,6 October. Here at MLS, we foster an environment of academic excellence, and --------. Our school has all the stages from kindergarten till secondary stage. Moreover, it has its own staff of highly trained teachers and administrators in order to meet the individual needs of every student at every level of education.


Also we believe in partnership between parents and school so we implemented a cms( communication management system) through a mobile application linked to the school website to follow up all your child concerns on daily basics and be aware of the school news, events and notifications simply on your mobile.


Mission & Vision

First: Vision

Our vision aims at preparing a new eminent generation of students capable of

self-learning and ready to accept the culture of communication. They should

be ready to apply the state-of-the-art technological practices in an

atmosphere that promotes the spirit of cooperation and sense of belonging to

the nation in accordance with the national educational standards.


Second: Mission

In order to achieve the school’s Vision, the following have to be adopted:

Adopting the latest syllabi and curricula,

Applying the recent educational strategies,

Believing in experimentation and active learning,

Continuous training on recent technological sciences for all staff,

Preparation of training programs that aim at establishing means of

communication and accepting others’ points of views without any prejudice,

Identifying the environment within the school’s vicinity and designing the

programs that would serve this environment,

Instilling the values of benevolence, donations, beauty, art, excelling and

innovation for all those at the school,

Training the staff on how to prepare their objectives and methods of achieving

them and how to overcome obstacles with a view to reaching their target,

Promoting the spirit of self-evaluation and self-critique for everything we do and

trying to evaluate all issues objectively.



Masters Language School campus has a wide range of facilities available to foster the best education, academically, socially, and culturally.Our Classrooms, all complete with interactive boards. three Information Technology labs bring students to the edge of technology, and three science labs are fully equipped to cultivate our future doctors.

Our campusoffers three arts & crafts rooms, to foster the artist within. Our 110-seat theater are perfect venues for our students to celebrate their knowledge, talents, and accomplishments. Finally, MLS provides five sports fields, two state of the art gymnasiums, and two cafeterias to nurture the body, and two libraries to nurture the mind. MLS sets a standard for excellence and is always improving, as is evident by the newly renovated high school building with state of the art facilities.


Among the classrooms, you will find administrative offices, which offer personalized services to students and parents.


to know more about schools fees 2019-2020


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