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Last Update 2020-10-26

Elm International School

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035429566 ,  01020001560


14 Mahmoud Abou El Ela St., Beside Russian Cultural Council, Kafr Abdou, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Show On Map

Elm International School

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School number

035429566 ,  01020001560
14 Mahmoud Abou El Ela St., Beside Russian Cultural Council, Kafr Abdou, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Show On Map

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School fees

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

متى أنشئ مرصد جرينتش ؟





about Elm International School

ELM’s Mission : Education , Leadership , Morals

ELM’s mission is to develop leaders of the 21st century, that are global citizens with an international mindset, respect for diversity, belief in universal human values, while honoring our deeply rooted heritage, values and language. In the pursuit of this mission, the school believes in a balanced development approach for each child; spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.


What is International-Mindedness at ELM?

International-mindedness is:

Respect for yourself, and respect for others, whether the context is the classroom or the whole world.

Knowing where you come from but also being a global citizen.

An equal appreciation of the whole world and all the different nationalities, languages, and cultures it has to offer.


ELM School Principles

Student Centered

1)       Each child is unique, and learning is student-centered (not curriculum-centered).

2)       A balanced approach towards student development, where the academic aspect is emphasized, yet physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual aspects are equally important.

3)       Developing positive pedagogy and good spiritual acumen in students depends mainly on the synergy of education, mentorship, and positive parent involvement.

Technology as a tool

4)       Technology is a tool & is integrated to a high degree from an early age as a means to facilitate learning in the 21st century.

Internationally Minded + Locally Rooted

5)       Fostering an international mindset, that encourages peace, global citizenship, diversity and universal human values.

6)       Honoring the local (Egyptian, Arabic & Islamic) heritage, values and language.


Our Teachers

Teachers are our most prized pillars of the school. Teachers at Elm are given professional development to help align them to the mission and vision of Elm, and supporting teachers in their development as student-centered mentors for children.

Our teachers include native and fluent English teachers, and Arabic teachers. 


to know more about schools fees 2019-2020


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