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Manarat Elmaadi language school

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Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah Maadi - Zahraa EL Maadi, Cairo Show On Map

Manarat Elmaadi language school

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Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah Maadi - Zahraa EL Maadi, Cairo Show On Map

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School fees

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

ما جنسية أول رائد فضاء قام برحلة في الفضاء الخارجي ؟





about Manarat Elmaadi language school

Manarat Elmaadi language school

Manarat El Maadi Language School was established in 1998, as a National Language School and since then great efforts have been exerted to make it an accredited international school.

The school is designed on 4500 m2, it is a U shaped building surrounded by the playground with specious classrooms that allow learners to practice different activities in class.

Manarat El Maadi International School offers a basket of selective certificates.

Thanaweya Amma Certificate.

It requires a completion of 3 years of secondary education.

IGCSE Certificates.

It caters for different levels of ability and offers a flexible course of study that gives candidates the freedom to choose subjects that fit them.

American Diploma.

Our program develops the greatest possible mastery of the level from kindergarten through high school.

In Manarat El Maadi National School, the medium of instruction is English and in addition to the Ministry of Education English Curricula, the school teaches an international curriculum that enhances the students’ critical thinking and enables them to cope with different cultures and different nationalities. The school offers second languages; the students choose either French or German.



The school is well equipped and our facilities are of the highest standards.

Computer laboratories allow the students to learn through technology and teach the young learners to use computers.

Science laboratories help our students to perform experiments and gain practical science knowledge.

A resident doctor to provide first aid and basic health care to students and the staff.

Buses to all districts within Cairo are available.

A gymnasium hall is used to develop the children’s physical fitness and reinforce team spirit.

Teaching Art and Home Economics to develop the students’ skills and to provide them with domestic skills.

A modern multimedia lab to make the learning process more enjoyable and easy.

Cafeteria for the staff as well as tuck shop for the students, to provide healthy snacks.

– The school day extends from 7:45 am to 3:10 pm from Sunday to Thursday. The school is off on Fridays and Saturdays.




Our Vision at Manarat El Maadi is to empower our students to acquire both the knowledge and skills that will support them in their life- long learning journey; in an inspiring and dynamic environment. We will prepare our students to meet the 21st Century challenges armed with the best education and ethical standards.




Our Mission is to foster the total development of each student: intellectual, moral, social and physical. Our mission is to develop young people with active and creative minds with a sense of compassion and acceptance for others. Our school will promote a safe, orderly and supportive environment. We will strive to have our parents actively involved in our students’ learning.


to know more about schools fees 2019-2020


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