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Kobrey El Galaa Private School

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21 Amin El Rafeay St. Beside Dina Farms Dokki, Giza Show On Map

Kobrey El Galaa Private School

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21 Amin El Rafeay St. Beside Dina Farms Dokki, Giza Show On Map

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about Kobrey El Galaa Private School

Kobrey El Galaa Private School

Al-Galaa Private School has been established since 15/2/1951. The school is one of the oldest private schools in Giza governorate.


At the beginning of its establishment, it was located in Abdel Rahim Sabri St. in Agouza. In 1988, it was named after its location next to the El-Galaa bridge, which was built by Khedive Ismail and then moved to its address, which is 21 Amin Rafei Street.


The school is represented by the law / Mohamed Abdel Moneim Motawea since 1997 and is one of the leading pioneers of early education in Egypt and the school is now managed by the latest educational means.


In addition to the school's interest in the educational process, it is also interested in school activities (sports - cultural - religious - artistic - dumping and poetry).


School Objectives:


- Preparing a good citizen for himself and society


- Providing students with life, scientific and behavioral knowledge and experiences


- instilling values ​​and religious principles and national student


- Preparing the student to prepare an integrated adaptation to social life


- instilling the leadership spirit and the student's crucial personality


- Prepare the student to be capable of creativity and innovation


- The development of critical and rational thinking and the ability to express it


- Training the student on how to research the correct scientific


- instilling the spirit of cooperation among students




The school has obtained advanced positions in these activities and the school is happy to make progress on quality to implement the strategic plans in order to reach all the students to the desired level under intelligent management aware of the requirements of the modern age teachers and educational teachers trainees on the latest scientific educational methods.


The school includes the various stages of education from the elementary to the high school. Thus, the student is contemporary and co-existing with the school since childhood to instill values ​​and principles for him, as well as raising the burden of the parents even in thinking of moving from one school to another and thus the school is a strong helper for stability Psychological development of the entire family. This led to the emergence of the school with a level of attention to all aspects in terms of the results of all stages and excellence in activities and community participation and environmental service and this also led to the maturity of our students and their excellence, where graduated from the school a lot of scientific and professional cadres and dignitaries in all fields Scientific and professional.


The school has received a certificate of quality assurance and accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation.


Thus, it is considered the first private high level school in Dokki to receive the quality certificate .........


It is worth mentioning that he graduated from the school many public figures and many personalities who have received prestigious positions in the community and held senior positions in the fields of: medicine, engineering, pharmacy, police ......... etc.


God willing, we will walk on the path to graduate generations of educated people carrying the banner of progress and progress to the dear homeland.

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