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Encouraging Children in school

Encouraging Children in school

at 15/20/2012

Encouraging Children in school

Today we will talk about general advice and previous experiences on the subject of encouraging your child in school and study and we try to stay away from the atmosphere of the Arabic language and simplistic speech.

At the first day of the school the children are may be worried and anxious or may be not, so we will mention some advises for father and mother.

  • Try to talk to the child and let them imagine that he is in a journey in a new place with new people and new friends where their will be enjoyed the time very much.
  • The way you speak is important to make your child feel that he is a mature person but you speak with him in a simple way that he can understand.
  • Tell him about the benefits he will know and the new friends who will know them in school and study with them and outing with them, if they have the same membership in same club or have the same hobby (drawing, music or any handmade activity), the children will encourage each other.
  • Let the know that the school is doing trips to different places and it has a lot of fun and activities not the house of terror.
  • Don’t mention school as a type of punishment.
  • Let the child choose his stationary as independence.
  • It will be good if you let the child going to school and see it before you apply for it.
  • Let the child choice the school he preferred after you had been visited all schools you want.

Encouraging Children in Study

at first, please don’t use punishment to force the child to study and forget it.
okay we forgot it fine. lets continue

  • 7 or 8 hours of studying is not a good idea.
  •  divided your child’s time so that he can do all things he want to do and use his big inner energy, sometimes study, activity, hobby, playing or club.
  • As we talk about the importance of studying we should talk about the importance of sports and life, and the life is not just studying, as a parent you prefer your child is always getting  full marks in exams or even be from top 10 at school but his social life is so bad, introverted person or may be ha will not do well at work after university OR you prefer a child with medium grads but has a wonderful social skills, people love him and he getting a wonderful career. IT IS YOUR CHOICE! although if any parent accomplish this hard equation and make their children Outstanding in school, social and sports we should make a status for them and give them first class medal of country.
  • Develop in your children the hobbies they love (drawing – sport – music or even disassemble his toys ) Look for the courses or centers that develop talents for children and Hobbies. don’t make your life life for just studying boring books let him do activities it will make him better at school too.
  • Talk to your children, know how they thinking, what happened in their school day, accompany your children, not just acting that you and your children are friends and in fact you don’t know anything about them. both mother and father must do that not mother alone it is one of father’s responsibilities.
  •  try to divide their goals or study into small pieces he will do better than before because child when see he has too many works he may be become a lazy and don’t do it, the human brain nature tended to laziness so we will give it a chances to be lazy.
  •    Don’t chose your child’s future let him choose what he want even if he want to be a carpenter, plumber or driver if he loves what he do he will be a creative and may be an innovative in his career and create something new and will be a very successful person. however, when child grow up he may be change his mind and thinking often and try a lot of jobs so let him work and decide what he want.
  •   always say motivational speech to your children and positive words and not negative words and give them gifts when they done their goals and not prefer every time the gift is money  may be money, new clothes, trip or even foods he love and when you feel that he become lazy remind him about the prize.
  • Don’t watch T.V, playing on computer or mobile when your children are studying and it prefer from you read a book or working thus will give child a feedback you do your best so it will encourage the child to do his best too.
  • Try to connect between what the child learned with life.
  • Be a really good friend to your child.

Share your ideas and suggestion may be someone benefit from it.

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