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21 Ismailia Desert Road Ville Shorouk, Le Caire


The French National University in Egypt is a private non-profit university, founded in 2002 in Cairo, in the city of Shourouk. It consists of three faculties: Business, Engineering, and Applied Languages. Each college consists of different departments. Paris 3: Sorbonne University, Nantes University, Alsace High University (Mulhouse-Colmar) and the University of Cours. An agreement was also signed with the University of Paris 6 on the School of Engineering. [1] The university is located in Al-Shorouk City, 37 km (23 miles) from downtown Cairo. The University uses English, French and Spanish in teaching, and its graduates can work in their field of study. Historical events University Openings The University was opened in 2006 by President Jacques Chirac and President Hosni Mubarak. Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Biomedical Mathematics Was held between 26 and 28 July 2007 by the University of Savoy and the University of Corsica. Researchers from Europe and the Mediterranean place the subject of biomedical topics and the application of mathematics in medicine to treat certain diseases. International microelectronics conference The ICT Department of the University of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, from 29 to 31 December 2007, hosted the International Conference on Microelectronics, in collaboration with the University of Waterloo of Canada and the IEEE Electronic Devices Association. The conference was sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Higher Education. A number of scientific papers have been presented in the following fields: Systems and Integrated Circuits, CAD for Microelectronics and Microelectronics Technology - Nanoelectronics. The best papers will be published in a special folder from the "Microelectronics Journal" (Elsevier). Mentor Graphics, Si-Ware Systems, If-Vision, Newport Media, Imodelit, National Institute of Telecommunication and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. ICTU students at the University of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia have strongly supported the organization and actively participated in the event. On November 4, 2007 there was a signing of the agreement between the University of Paris 6 and the UFE, in the presence of President UFE forming congratulations Omar, Paris 6 President Jean-Charles Pomerol and French Ambassador Philippe COSTE. Follow Signature Collection. SIFE in UFE UFE is the SIFE World Champion for 2009 and 2010. The university encourages its students to participate in social entrepreneurship projects that aim to reduce poverty and preserve the environment while at the same time creating economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities. SIFE is an annual competition that classifies university projects against social entrepreneurship standards such as financial literacy, market economics, success skills, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Each standard is sponsored by one or more business sponsors. For three consecutive years (from 2008 to 2010) and later in 2012, SIFE UFE won Egypt's national championship. Once again, its projects proved successful in winning the SIFE 2009 World Cup on universities from more than 40 countries. SIFE UFE With SIFE World 2010, it became the first university to win the world championship twice in a row. Gallery paintings "The former president of the French University in Egypt congratulated Omar at the opening of the year's technical events at the Foundation's real estate headquarters in Shourouk last weekend." The event hosted a diverse art exhibition of 45 contemporary artists. In addition, some highly talented university students who are also members of the university team also charmed the public with very delightful songs: Violet Fayek, a number of lecturers, professors, faculty heads and deans of the faculties " Campus Only three colleges in the university, after, open. The campus will continue in mid-2009 and the entire campus is expected to be completed in two years. The picture along with the imaginative design and the real sanctuary is only one building Campus after graduation The university has another campus in Mohandessin dedicated to postgraduate studies, as well as extracurricular courses. Advantages Three Languages ​​Teaching English (language) and Arabic (for work in Egypt and Arab countries). Students will learn how to use these three languages ​​professionally in the workplace during the 4 years of study. Note that these three languages ​​are three of the six international languages ​​identified by the United Nations (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic and Russian), making them required anywhere in the world. Double diplomas Egyptian and French / European (University of Paris 3: Sorbonne University, Nantes). Faculty of Engineering: Master's degree in "PEC" and "ICT" departments, which can be offered by Haute-Alsace University or the University of Corse or University of Paris 6. UFE University is the only university in Egypt offering foreign diplomacy (however, students can pursue their studies in France if they wanted to). French systems and programs The French University has concluded an agreement with the universities of Paris 6 (the first scientific university in France) and Paris 3: Sorbonne, Nantes and Corsica, which will supervise and approve all academic programs. Look inside campus UFE provides UFE with technical assistance. Like many other Egyptian private universities, UFE joined their peers. University professors also have a very high proportion of well-qualified French teachers who oversee and supervise the educational process. The agreements signed between Europoint University and French partner universities ensure that the university is a well-qualified EU class. Also, the university uses the European ETCS program to calculate points for each term. UFE University engineering students can now prepare a master's degree from Paris VI University. Paris 6 is the best university in France, ranked 38th by the academic classification of the World Universities Organization. [5] Today, no student from any other private university in Egypt can prepare a master's or doctoral degree from any university of 200 international universities, but UFE students. In June 2008, the French Academy presented to the French University in Egypt the cultural prize "Luis de" representing the sum of 750,000 euros. This award will be awarded to the College of Engineering. This award is a recognition of the quality of education offered by UFE. Colleges Faculty of Applied Languages Department of Business and International Affairs Specialized Translation Section College of Management and Information System administration Department Department of Information Systems Engineering School Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) The department has the following specialties: Electronics and Communications Architecture and integrated circuit design Networks and computer systems Microwave, Electromagnetism and Optoelectronics Department of Production, Power and Automatic Control (PEC) The Department covers the fields of mechanical engineering and fiber sciences. Department of Architecture

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