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Kilo 4.5, Ring Road, Ismailia.

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Suez Canal University, an Egyptian public university, established by Presidential Decree No. 93 of 1976, and received the first batch of students in the year 1977. [1] The philosophy of establishing this university was distinguished from the rest of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt as a community-oriented university serving a precious region of the land of Egypt that has been the scene of struggle and struggle for many years. With the promise of peace that coincided with the establishment of the university, the Suez Canal and Sinai became the focus of the world. The Suez Canal University took its place in the Suez Canal area, where it started with three faculties at the time of its opening. The number of colleges spread over the three governorates of the Canal and the governorates of North Sinai and South Sinai, in addition to specialized research centers and special units serving the region, And extended its activities to cover various aspects of education, services, training and scientific research. Colleges - College of Science - Commerce College College of Al - Alsun Egyptian Egyptian College of Technology - Faculty of Physical Education - Faculty of medicine - Faculty of Education - College of Engineering - college of Literature - faculty of Pharmacy - faculty of Agriculture - Faculty of Dentistry - Faculty of Nursing - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Faculty of Computing and Information - College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Environmental Agricultural Sciences Institutes Institute of Biotechnology for Graduate Studies and Research - Fish Farming Institute

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