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Sohag University


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093/ 4570000 , 093/4605745.

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The Arab Republic of Egypt - Sohag Governorate - Nasser City - Sohag University Street.

about Sohag University

The first university education center was established in Sohag Governorate in 1971. In 1975, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences was established. This center was transformed into a branch of the University of Assiut in Sohag after the establishment of the Faculty of Commerce in 1980. In 1991, Which was issued by a presidential decree in 1978, and in 1995 became a branch of the university in Sohag branch of the University of South Valley, and its headquarters Qena, and in 1996 was established Faculty of Agriculture, and with the decision of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to establish the University of Sohag in 2006 added to the University Faculty of Industrial Education and Nursing, and then in 2008 was issued a republican decision to establish two colleges Ndsh and veterinary medicine, and the number of colleges university ten colleges, and in 2010 and meet the needs Alsohadjiy community, issued the decision to establish the Faculties of Pharmacy and Physical Education. In 2015, the Faculty of Law and Age was opened to cater to the needs of the Suhaji community. The College of Archeology was established by Prime Minister No. 3512 for the year 2015, and the study began in the academic year 2016-2017. The University has played an important role since its establishment in 2006 in supporting the development process and participation in national issues with all its human and technical capabilities and different experiences through the contributions of its centers and units of a special nature in the service of society and environmental development. Different The first college was established at Sohag University in 1971 and was then affiliated with the University of Assiut, then to the South Valley University, and then the establishment of faculties until the number reached today 10 faculties: Faculty of medicine. College of Science Faculty of Education college of Literature Commerce College faculty of Agriculture All these colleges existed before the independence of Sohag University While the following faculties were established after the university's independence Faculty of Nursing Faculty of Industrial Education College of Veterinary Medicine College of Engineering college of Law College of Alsun The university was officially separated from South Valley University in 2006 and Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Kamal became the first president of the university. "Vision" The University aspires to be a center of cultural, scientific, scientific and research radiation and a pioneer in supporting sustainable development and capable of competing at the local, regional and international levels. "the message " The University of Sohag offers a distinguished educational service that ensures the preparation of graduates qualified scientifically, scientifically and professionally to compete in the labor market at the local, regional and international level, conducting applied scientific research to the global level and making an effective contribution to the development of society while providing an environment conducive to the educational and research process On the values ​​and traditions of indigenous society " strategic goals:- The first objective is to strengthen the University's infrastructure to reach the standards of national reference for educational and research institutions. The second objective: To support the institutional capacity of the university and to develop the administrative structure and develop the administrative and human capacities of the administrative apparatus The third objective: to develop existing programs and to provide new programs to serve the surrounding community and keep abreast of developments on the regional and international arenas to prepare a distinguished graduate to meet the needs of the labor market Objective 4: Develop the skills and abilities of faculty members and their assistants and complete the deficit in the faculty members and the supporting body in the faculties of the university according to the quality requirements. Fifth Objective: Supporting student services and activities in cultural, sports and social magazines. Sixth Objective: To develop the system of graduate studies and scientific research at the university. Goal 7: Expanding information technology and automating the administrative work of the university. Eighth Objective: To expand the fields of community service, environmental development and increase the university's own resources.

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