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El Masaid – El Arish – North Sinai – Egypt

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Sinai University was established refereeing to the presidential decree number 363 for year 2005 in accordance to provisions of law number 101 year 1992 regarding the private Universities which was replaced by law number 12 year 2009 regarding the private and civil Universities and its executive regulations issued by the presidential decree number 302 for year 2010 Sinai University Faculties are as the following: Faculty Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries. Faculty of Dentistry. Faculty of Engineering Science. Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science. Faculty of Business Administration and International Marketing. Faculty of Media Technology. Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Physical Therapy. Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Faculty of Biotechnology. Faculty of Energy and Mining Technology. Faculty of Humanities. Faculty of Modern Agricultural Science. Research and development Sinai Center. Post Graduated studies. THE UNIVERSITY CONCEPT The significance of establishing a university, including research centers, especially in the North of Sinai, is not only due to the lack of such universities in this area but also to the special importance of having a world-class education to support the economic development of the region and to tie the Egyptian economy to the changes and transformation of the international economic system in the 21st century. Specialized high institutes are also needed, hence many countries tended to set up more universities, academies, institutes, and cities. The idea is to increase the flexibility in different economic sectors by securing a base of specialists who constitute the real starting point for economic growth. This fact does not negate the risk of establishing this university in Sinai, which represents a real challenge for national participation in the development of this region. SINAI UNIVERSITY IS KEEN TO REALIZE THE FOLLOWING OBJECTIVES: Supporting the strong relationship between Egypt and all advanced countries with special significance to Arab and African neighboring countries due to strategic Sinai value. Transferring the advance technology to Egypt and discovering the latest technology in different sciences. Supplying European and multi-national companies in the region with qualified graduates and benefiting from the research centers in Sinai development plan. Encouraging and promoting Arab and foreign investments in Egypt in general and Sinai in particular. Producing qualified graduates for the Egyptian, Arab, African, and European labor markets to meet the needs of the different economic sectors. Having a big number of high efficiency specialists in the different majors to serve the private sector which is in turn very important to promote the national economy and empower it to complete internationally especially with the GATT agreement is in effect. Adopting English as the language of instruction and as a key for mutual international cooperation. Playing a distinctive role in keeping Sinai a clean environment. Employing staff members from distinct international universities. DEGREES GRANTED BY SINAI UNIVERSITY: University Council award the following academic degrees upon the request of college boards: Bachelor Degree. Professional Diploma degrees in various disciplines. Professional Master’s Degree. Master’s Degree. Professional PHD Degree. PHD Degree. The University also award honorary degrees and training certificates. There are no limits to our ambitions and our goal is to make SU an open invitation to peace and a center for academic excellence hence leading a massive developmental movement to Sinai and effectively achieving our National Project’s goal; to relocate three million Egyptians into a whole new dawn of civilization in Sinai by the year 2017. Sinai University shall fulfill its role in achieving balance to the other side of the equation; the human factor- building the type of graduate that opens up to the latest scientific trends yet maintains their roots and traditions. Sinai’s treasures of raw material and vast fertile land- combined with its geographical ingenuity as a global trading center in the heart of the Middle East and overlooking the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal lure numerous scientists to attempt create a tremendous industrial and agricultural revolution. Sinai that has witnessed, since the dawn of history, only the wheels of wars and the weapons of destruction, is in dire need for a development engine to contribute to reformulating and restructuring life upon this virgin land. Sinai University has emerged, with its own distinguished and specialized nature that made it different in its perception and profile from the traditional academic concepts and policies. Universities have critical and essential role in national history. California State knew the development path only through a university; Alborg University was the seed for an evolution which enabled such a small spot at the far south of Denmark to be one of those big industrial cities among developed countries. VISION The University aspires to be one of the pioneering Universities from local, regional and international perspectives, introducing educational and research distinct services for the local and regional community. The University intend to provide our Students with the best education practical experience from beginning to end, with a smart, sophisticated equipment’s to deliver glowing well educated graduates. MISSION The University is committed to improve and develop the society through introducing well educated graduates that can contribute effectively in the society to be able to compete in local. Regional and global market. As well as Sinai University contribute in the applied scientific research to achieve the sustainable development.

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