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Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences


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Corniche El Nil Entrance to Maadi No. (1) Cairo

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History of the Academy The academy dates back to 1954 when the Institute of Public Administration was established on the recommendation of the English expert Sankar, who was invited by the Egyptian government to study how to promote the Egyptian civil administration. He recommended the establishment of the Institute of Public Administration to prepare, train, The National Institute for Senior Management was established in 1961 to recruit and train the cadres and senior management levels of these companies and public institutions. In 1967, the Institute of Local Administration was established to train leaderships. And the local government cadres. Hence, in Egypt, there were three governmental institutes in the field of administrative development. In 1970, the integration of the three institutes into one training institution was required. In order to achieve integration, coherence and effectiveness in the provision of the training service, The National Institute for Administrative Development became the first institution of its kind in the Arab world, which became responsible for the fields of administrative development in the Arab Republic of Egypt and extends its activities to the entire Arab region. The experience showed the extent of the close relationship between the educational process and the necessary training activity to create and develop the administrative cadres, which necessitated the addition of the distinguished administrative educational activity as a basis for a specialized training activity, which necessitated the development of the institute. Which was established in March 1981 under the Republican Decree No. 172 of 1981 as an independent scientific body aimed at developing the administration in all areas at the national level ...., which focuses on the axes of training, education, consulting, research and information, and then issued Republican Decree No. (30) Of 2004 on the reorganization of the Academy. The Academy consists of: - Faculty of Administrative Sciences (Cairo / Port Said / Mansoura / Alexandria). Which grants bachelor's degrees in administrative sciences, diplomas, master's and doctorate. The Academy also includes several specialized centers: - Training Center. - Research and Information Center. The Academy is spread geographically in several areas: - Academic branch in Alexandria Governorate. - Branch of the Academy in Port Said Governorate (to serve Canal areas in Egypt). - Academy branch in the middle of the Delta and includes two branches in the city of Tanta in the province of Gharbia and the city of Dakarnes Dakahlia province. - Academic branch in Assiut governorate (to serve the South Valley regions in Egypt). - Academy branch in Minia Governorate. Each branch carries out all the activities of the Academy from training, education, counseling, research and information in its geographical scope. The main activities of the Academy (training, education, consulting, research and information) are based on over 200 permanent faculty members with PhD degrees in various fields of administration, assisted by approximately 300 faculty members, And repeaters (holders of a bachelor's degree). This is in addition to the General Secretariat (Financial Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Technical Affairs), which has more than 400 permanent employees. This is in addition to the fact that the Academy uses in its programs non-permanent and distinguished experts from all disciplines from the teaching staff of Egyptian universities and academies and from the experts of governmental organizations and business organizations with performance excellence. The training comes in support of the role of the Academy and a major milestone for its activities through the Training Center Which established the date of the establishment of this long-standing Organization. Vision Sustainable leadership of the Academy as an institution for the education and development of distinguished administrators locally, regionally and internationally. Message Mission     The Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences is an independent state university that is pioneering educational and training through both administrative development and business governance, and the preparation of change leaders in the governmental sector, business sector, local administration units and civil society organizations inside and outside Egypt to achieve the comprehensive development of the society in the fields of university education, Consulting and training, is committed to ethical and professional standards, total quality standards, keeping up with local and international changes, and building institutional capacity based on information technology. Strategic Objectives of the Academy Sustainable development of management education and integration with other sciences. Raise the reputation and prestige of the Academy locally, regionally and internationally as a distinct organization. Convert the Academy into an electronic organization.  Raising the efficiency of the governmental administrative system, the business sector and the local administration units. To establish excellent relations and co-operation in administrative training with local, regional and international organizations. To contribute effectively to the rehabilitation and development of the capacities of a generation of leaders and young people in both the governmental sector, the business sector and the local administration units. Qualifying cadres and leaders on modern methods and trends in combating corruption in all its forms of financial, administrative and ethical. Providing consultancy in all administrative fields of service and economic units in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab countries. Conduct scientific and applied research, and provide development, modernization and restructuring services for government, business and local administration units. Development of the administrative research journal issued by the Academy to become a regional scientific journal Maximizing the institutional capacity of the strategic activity units of the Academy. Building a local and international network; establishing inter-firm relations and signing partnerships and agreements....

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