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History and origin of the university The University of Port Said University was established with the decision of the President of the Republic in 24/2/2010 to transfer the branch of Suez Canal University in Port Said to an independent university. The University of Port Said is the university that was born and has a history that exceeds the age of its establishment. Was followed by the University of Helwan and then followed the Suez Canal University with the establishment of the Suez Canal University in 1976 and more colleges were established in Port Said Governorate until the number of colleges was four colleges, which led to the establishment of Port Said branch of the Suez Canal in Port Said in 1998 and with the continuation of increasing the faculties to nine institutions Educational decision came Kim, the President of the Republic composition of Port Said University in 2010, and consists of Port Said University of nine educational institutions, namely the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Commerce and the Faculty of Physical Education and College of Education and the Faculty of Specific Education and College of Nursing and the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Kindergarten and Higher Institute of Management and Computer. University vision Port Said University aspires to be a leader in education, scientific research and community development regionally and globally. University Message Port Said University seeks to build university cadres qualified for the labor market through the provision of distinguished academic programs, excellence in scientific research regionally and globally, and the development of the environment and society to achieve effective community participation. Objectives of the University Strategic goals and objectives - First Objective: To increase the institutional capacity of the University - strategic goals: Improving and developing the University's infrastructure. Create a campus that includes various university faculties, and accommodate what may arise from new colleges serving the surrounding community. Develop the organizational structure of the university and develop an electronic management system. Preparation and continuous training of academic leaders, faculty members, the supporting body, the administrative staff and employees; to raise efficiency and effectiveness and achieve excellence in university performance. Evaluate and assess the overall institutional capacity of the University.   - The second objective: raising the efficiency of the efficiency of university education: - strategic goals: Increasing the competitiveness of university students Developing educational programs and developing new programs that meet the needs of the local and regional labor market. Adopting modern systems and techniques in teaching and learning. Supporting innovative and competitive practices that will achieve excellence for the university. Support and increase student participation in various university activities. Attracting international students to study at the university. Holding agreements with local, international and academic institutions to transfer expertise and support the human and academic capabilities of faculty members, their assistants and graduates.   - The third objective: the development and support of scientific research and scientific activities - strategic goals: Establish research laboratories in each faculty to serve the educational process. Support for inter-scientific research. Linking scientific research with the state plan, serving the surrounding society and developing the Suez Canal region. Raise the efficiency of scientific research by adhering to national and international standards. Contribution of scientific research to support and enhance the educational process in both phases.   - The fourth goal: raising the effectiveness of community participation and environmental development - strategic goals: Develop the performance of special units and evaluate them periodically. Link the university with the community. Marketing services and excellent programs offered by the university.   Colleges & Institutes of Port Said University College of Engineering Commerce College Faculty of Physical Education Faculty of Education College education quality Faculty of Nursing College of Science college of Literature Kindergarten School Higher Institute of Management and Computer Faculty of medicine faculty of Pharmacy college of Law The High Institute for Social Service

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