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El-hadaba El-Wosta, Mokatam, 5th district, Cairo, Egypt

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M.T.I is an Egyptian private University located in new Maadi area in Cairo. M.T.I, is founded by the presidential decree 430, of an Egyptian private University located in new Maadi area in Cairo, of the year 2004. This University is established under the patronage of the ex-president of Romania H.E. /Ion Lliescu. Modern University for Technology and Information was established by the Presidential Decree no. (430), for the year 2004, as a private University supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education & its own independent legal corporation . The University peruses activities according to the regulation of law no. (49) for the year 1972 concerning the organization of Egypt Universities and law no.(12) for the establishment of private Universities and law no.(12) for the year 2009 for the establishment of private and civil Universities issued by the decree of the Board of Trustees on the 27th of February, 2006. Teaching at the University started in the Faculties of Computer Science and Business Management in the academic year 2005/2006 upon the decree of the minister of higher education no.(2079) on the 7th of August, 2005. In the academic year 2006/2007, the presidential decree no. (350) for the year 2006, was issued to establish the faculties of Mass Communication and Engineering. Teaching started in these two faculties in the academic year 2006/2007 upon the decree of the minister of higher education and scientific research no. (3033) dated, 30th of November 2006. In the academic year 2009/2010, the presidential decree no. (301) for the year 2009 was issued to establish the faculties of pharmacy and nursing at the university. Teaching in these two faculties started after the issuing of the decree of the minister of higher education and scientific research no. (3195) dated 7/10/2009. The university is still pursuing its target to become a corner stone in the development and prosperity of our country, Egypt. Mission: The mission of the university is to prepare our students for life challenges they will meet in their lives through: 1- Offering a quality of education which focuses on preparing groups of specialists who can work efficiently and competently in different job fields which are available locally and regionally. 2- Confirming the comprehensiveness and integration of the university's society and optimizing the use of all capabilities through mutual initiative among the faculties of the university. 3- Continuous development of the means of education and encouraging the use of new teaching methods in Egyptians education, and encouraging online education in all specialties. 4- Expanding the establishment of specialized centers for scientific and training activities in addition to student's activities or activities which are related to environmental development, such as foreign languages and modern information systems. Vision: MTI University will set the standards for a creative educational system through developing the region's most promising students and preparing them to be benefiting to the society as a whole. Awards The University of Wales is the degree awarding body for the vast majority of the higher education students in Wales, as well as for many other higher education institutions in the United Kingdom and overseas. The University confers around 15,000 initial degrees and more than 4,000 higher degrees each year, as it is the second largest degree-awarding body in the United Kingdom. The University aims to provide an international validation service across all subject areas in different countries in the world. All the University of Wales validated schemes operate under the auspices of the University's validation board and its administrative section. The University determines arrangements for the assurance of quality and standards in respect of the validated schemes of study and programs of research. That is done through assigning external examiners and Wales University moderators.

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