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16672 - 3837-1516 -3837 - 1523

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26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.

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MSA University provides students with the best of British Higher Education in Egypt and the Middle-East Region. It also helps them acquire creative abilities and commitments to lifelong learning. We believe that our students graduate with developed writing, analytical and communication skills essential for them. MSA graduates prosper not just on their first job but through their entire career. MSA University stresses on three vital traits to help develop the students’ map of thinking to gain a competitive edge. Complexities in today’s business environment are accelerated and amplified by digital media and tools. At MSA you’ll learn how to utilize the triple “A” advantage, i-e, Agility, Adaptiveness and Alignment, to give your educational path a competitive edge in the digital age which is adopted by MSA Faculty members and the entire staff of administration. Mission MSA University is committed to provide its graduates with the ability to compete and excel in an ever-changing dynamic world and to stand on equal footing with their peers, nationally and internationally, through its dedication to the pursuit of excellence in curricula, facilities, staff and students. MSA placed a significant emphasis on staff development and on creating opportunities for them to expand their knowledge and satisfy their needs. MSA is always keen to contribute and assist in the overall advancement and growth of the community in which it operates. Vision To be renowned as a world-class academic establishment.To become the regional university of the first choice. To seek opportunities for expanding our academic model regionally.

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