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(2) 02 2860-9114 , 2860-9115

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Badr City, Cairo-Suez road, Postal Code 11829

about ERU Egyptian Russian University

The Egyptian Russian University was founded according to the governmental rescript no 256 in 2006. The campus is located in Badr City, Cairo-Suez Road. ERU has been established in cooperation with seven of the best Russian institutions as patrons and partners. They guarantee high-standard of academic programs at ERU. Besides, they provide ERU students with the opportunity of doing summer training and/or studying for one or more semesters in Russia. In Fall 2006, ERU started with two faculties, pharmacy and engineering. Plans are underway to add more faculties in the future. In 2011, ERU celebrated its first cohort graduates of the two faculties. The B.Sc. degrees, granted to ERU graduates, have been accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education. ERU graduates join respective Syndicates. Currently, the faculty of engineering offers four programs: Architecture Engineering, Construction Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering. Three more programs have already been approved, and will be introduced in the near future: Renewable Energy Engineering, Heavy Equipment Engineering, and Nuclear Power Stations Engineering. ERU, the first Russian university in the Middle East, is the outcome of cooperation with seven of the best Russian universities, and thus provides an exceptional educational environment, including: High-standard academic programs are offered. Instruction in English. Well-qualified staff members are hired. Visiting professors from partner Russian universities are invited. Students have opportunities to do summer training, and/or study for one or more semesters in Russia. Lecture halls are air-conditioned and equipped with modern teaching tools. Laboratories have been designed and prepared to the highest technological standards. The library is well maintained, with growing collection of books and references. Students’ activities are given utmost care. The ERU adopts the credit hour system, which gives the student the opportunity to study according to his/her own pace and abilities. Unlike the usual fixed format teaching which is followed by most Egyptian universities, the credit hour system enables the student to select a number of courses from a well planned academic program. The B.Sc. degrees, granted to ERU graduates, have been accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education. Located in Badr City, ERU is the closest private university to Sharqiya, Suez, and Isma3ilia. It is also close to many parts of greater Cairo. Bus services are available for transportation between Badr City and all locations within greater Cairo and many cities of Sharqiya. The university provides supervised accommodation for female students who wish to live close to the university campus. ERU, concerned with the welfare of the society, has kept the tuition fees to very reasonable levels, convenient to many families in the region. Tuition fees at ERU might be the lowest compared to those at other private universities in the area. Besides, ERU provides scholarships for the highest performing students. University vision The Egyptian-Russian University occupies a distinguished position among Egyptian, Arab and international universities and participates in cultural and scientific cooperation between the Egyptian and Russian peoples. University Message The Egyptian-Russian University supports the integration of the educational and research process and the community service in its faculties by providing distinguished educational programs that enable its graduates to compete in the fields of applied work through a comprehensive quality system and contribute to achieving the knowledge society and promoting values ​​and ethics within the framework of professional responsibility and community partnership. Goals 1 - Excellence in institutional performance within the system of quality. 2- Increasing the competitiveness of the university and its graduates. 3- Achieving excellence in the fields of education, scientific research, community service and environmental development. 4. Consolidation of links with local, Russian and international institutions of education, and scientific research. 5. Taking sustainable development as a method of development. strategic goals The first strategic objectives: the excellence of institutional performance within the system of quality 1 - Attract the best administrative and academic competencies to work at the university 2- Developing the infrastructure of buildings and university facilities 3- Developing the skills and performance of faculty members and administrators in the fields of modern technology, educational applications, management and renewable knowledge 4. Developing and supporting the quality assurance center of the university and quality assurance units in the faculties 5. Upgrading teaching and learning methods and assessment patterns. 6- Improving the percentage of faculty members and their assistants to the number of students. 7- Improving academic guidance programs in all faculties of the university. Second Strategic Goals: Increase the competitiveness of the university and its graduates 1. Encouraging innovation, self-learning and intellectual freedom for students 2- Developing the skills and abilities of students and preparing them for the labor market (English language, computer, communication and research) 3. Develop student care and student activities and encourage student participation 4. Developing the network of information systems and integrated e-learning. 5. Follow-up and care of graduates. Third Strategic Objectives: Providing new, advanced educational, research and community services. 1. Continuing development of educational programs to cope with scientific and technological progress and labor market needs 2. Add new applied disciplines to meet the needs of new urban communities and national requirements. 3. Encouraging greater participation of faculty members in local and international conferences. 4. Supporting scientific publishing and upgrading researchers. 5- To strengthen cultural and scientific ties between the university, scientific institutions and local, Russian and international universities. Fourth Strategic Objectives: Consolidation of links with local, Russian and international institutions of education, and scientific research. 1- Increasing the participation of the university and colleges in community programs and activities. 2. Link scientific research to the needs of society and solve environmental problems. 3 - Support partnership with community institutions in the training of students and employment of graduates and rehabilitation 4- Providing services to the community and developing the environment. 5 - Develop a research plan for the university and colleges meet the requirements of the community. Fifth Strategic Goals: Taking Sustainable Development. 1. Raise the level of loyalty to the university. 2- To raise awareness about environmental issues and society. 3 - taking into account the environmental dimension in the university facilities. 4. Establish a postgraduate program. 5. Adding new colleges to the university.

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