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Belbeis, Belbeis Center, El Sharkeya

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Is one of the oldest military colleges in the Middle East and graduated competent officers able to take responsibility and meet the latest challenges in the field of aviation and deal efficiently with Air Force aircraft. (Faith - sacrifice - glory) and the duration of the college for three years followed by the Air Force command based in the city of Belbeis in Sharqia Conditions for admission to the Air College • The age is not more than 22 years on the day of commencement. • Obtain the high school certificate and the total to be announced and the grade of the student will be calculated on the grades obtained in the high-level examinations. • Azharies high school and the Certificates equation with the two sections scientific, literary . • Not more than one year after the date of obtaining the secondary school, in which the student is enrolled in a university college or high institute or serving the armed forces and submitting the registration certificate that indicates that. • Preferably less than 170 cm. • Get 50% or more. Specializations graduated from the Air College 1. Pilots 2. Juwain Pilots • Fighter aircraft • Helicopter flight • Air transport Joeyen • Navigation • control • Guidance Flight Aviation fighter missions • Destroy hostile targets, whether land, sea or air • Provide nuclear assistance to both ground and naval forces • Air Pollution • Stack and paralyze the command and control system • Destruction and destruction of artillery and rocket launchers • Attacking airports and naval bases • Protect vital goals in the country • Neural boot • Dealing with air defense • Aerial photography Helicopter Flight • Transportation • Destruction of tanks • Helping the righteous • Destruction of submarines • Dealing with enemy ground forces • The righteous air • Search and rescue • Fire fighting • Broadcast mines • Repair artillery fire Aviation Transportation • Personnel and equipment transfer • Drop Paratroopers • Supply troops with ammunition and other materials • Medical evacuation of wounded and sick • Aerial photography Joey It is the management of the air traffic system, whether from the air (navigational aircraft (fighter-helicopters - transport) - early warning aircraft (guidance)) or from control towers or radars in the control towers or guidance centers. Navigation (Aircraft-cars) and the ability to locate them at any time during flight I am a navigator 1. Land navigation: Used in the desert car race and during fishing trips and land exploration. 2. Marine navigation: Used with marine pieces to guide them from place to place. 3. Air navigation: the knowledge of knowing the location of the aircraft in the air and directing from one place to another and the ability to locate at any time during flight, the most difficult types of navigation. Tasks and role of navigation in the air force: 1. Know where the aircraft is at any time during flight 2. Ensure that aircraft arrive at their targets at the specified time and location safely with the greatest success rate 3. Select the armament and the appropriate method of use of the shot to ensure the greatest success rate of the tasks assigned to it 4 - make fuel calculations that ensure the survival of the aircraft longest period in the atmosphere 5. Direct the aircraft to their targets in the air 6. Take measures to secure aircraft against hostile air defense during the performance of its missions on going and returning 7 - Follow-up of the weather and weather conditions that achieve the best success of the flight 8 - the work of tactical calculations in the parachuting 9 - the work of calculations to throw bombs and missiles in the aircraft launcher Navigation methods: 1 - navigation vision. 2- Estimated navigation. 3. Wireless navigation. 4. Astronomical navigation. 5. Navigation by satellite. The aircraft on which the navigator flies are: Helicopter-transport aircraft Monitoring It is the third best profession in the world Air Traffic Management for: • Prevention of accidents (aircraft and other - between aircraft and air barriers) • Air traffic facilitation. • Facilitate air traffic. • Achieve safety factor between aircraft. • Supervision and responsibility for all aspects of the airport from lighting, ambulance and fire. • Give any warning information that may be exposed to the aircraft. • Prevent collision between aircraft on the airport and directing aircraft to and from the stands and parking. • Maintain the movement of aircraft in a fast, regular and safe manner. • Provide the necessary information for aircraft on the ground and in the air to provide an excellent and safe journey. • To inform the necessary authorities in case of need of the aircraft to search and rescue teams or in the event of accidents, God forbid. The observation is divided into 1-tower airport control -2approach control control approach 3-area control Control area Orientation Means directing combat aircraft to repel and destroy hostile aircraft in the air to prevent them from carrying out their tasks. This is done with accurate calculations at a certain time and in a certain place on the radar screen. The aim of directing fighters: 1. Direct fighter aircraft to the most appropriate location to attack and destroy enemy targets. 2 - control of aircraft while carrying out their various tasks in training and operations and ensure the return of their bases safely in coordination with the Air Defense Forces. 3. Direct search and rescue aircraft to task areas GROB115-EG The middle section of the aircraft is also trained K-8 The students of the final section are trained fighters on the plane The students of the final section are trained on Helicopter BAFFALO students are trained in the final air class on the aircraft And travel by a trip outside the country for training purposes, as is training on the radar imitator, either for monitoring or guidance Certificates granted by the Air College for students • Flight: Private flight license -1 private pilot license 2. Commercial flight license • Joey: Basic course air control -1 basic air traffic training course 2-Aerodromme airport control contr The Aviation Section also receives the Aviation Badge and the Aerial Science Badge Section Method of joining the Air College 1 - Joining through the Office of Coordination of military colleges where the student passes the same stages of tests as in the military college. 2 - The student is subject to a medical examination with special conditions according to the required medical levels. 3. New students spend the military number in the military college with the rest of the new military college students. Vision: To achieve the leadership and the early graduates of the Air College regionally and internationally in the field of aviation science according to an integrated system of work in keeping with the rapid development in the world of aviation. Value: Belief in God and self-sacrifice. Belief, loyalty and patriotism. Regularity, commitment, discipline and connectivity. Professionalism, accuracy and skill at work. Dedication to work and selflessness. Honesty, sincerity, honesty and patience. Air College Objective: Pilot pilots capable of leading various types of aircraft (fighter / multi-mission / bomber / transport fighter), and air force officers to work in various disciplines (Air Force Command / Control / Air Navigation).

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