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013 3231011

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Martyr Farid Nada, Department of Banha, Banha, Kaliobeya 13511

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The University of Banha is an Egyptian university established by a decree issued on 25 November 1976 as a branch of Zagazig University in the city of Banha which includes the following faculties of commerce and faculty of engineering in Shubra, human medicine and agriculture in Manshar and the Faculty of Education in Banha. In 1981-82, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Benha and Veterinary Medicine were established. On 1-8-2005, a department of study was established in English in the Faculty of Commerce since the academic year 1997-1998. The university was independent from Zagazig University and became an independent university after it was a branch The Union of University Students in the 1990s headed the famous director Khaled Youssef, a graduate of the College of Engineering in Shubra. The University consists of the following faculties: Faculty of Engineering Benha Faculty of Science (Benha Science) Commerce College Faculty of Arts (Benha Etiquette) Faculty of Education College education quality college of Law Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Computing and Information College of Human Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine Technical Institute of Nursing faculty of Agriculture Faculty of Physical Education Faculty of Nursing Banha University is your best choice and will remove all your fears about the future Certificates are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in all Arab countries. Study programs are in line with international quality education standards and the standards of leading regional and international professional associations. Our university is full of distinguished academic programs and qualified professors Our university has an arrangement in a number of international classifications Interactive learning and sophisticated learning strategies Centers of research excellence and encouragement of innovation Our education is based on skill development and competency enhancement. The University is located in the Greater Cairo area (35 km) where it can be accessed via the main main roads. The University of Banha has a contemporary scientific climate for technological advancement, which encourages students to innovate and learn. The University adopts teaching in both Arabic and English in accordance with the University's strategic vision of enabling graduates to build a society that is capable of competing globally with its association with its identity, values ​​and cultural roots. One of the benefits of joining Banha is tuition fees and easy payment plans, with opportunities for scholarships and financial support for students. The University of Benha adopts a transformational approach to the student to build his cognitive abilities and acquire skills that qualify him for the labor market and enable him to continuously develop himself in light of the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation. Amidst real education and discussion supported by various social activities Student exchange program agreements with leading universities in the world open the door to an unforgettable academic and social experience for students Our University plans to conclude student exchange agreements with the universities of many countries, especially the European Union, the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia University participation in the Erasmus International program with some educational programs for exchange of demand between European countries. Premium health care. The Office of Expatriates Care ... is a one-stop-shop for all students' needs of registration, advising, transportation from the airport, accommodation arrangements, guidance and advice in financial assistance ... Our academic guides are highly qualified and experienced ... Understanding here to help! Vision and Mission of the University The University of Benha is a pioneering model for Egyptian universities in education, scientific research, university and community life, and access to universality in some fields. Banha University is committed to the development of the community by providing an environment conducive to education and scientific research, providing an educational service with equal opportunities for students, and maximizing partnership with the local and regional communities in a flexible framework that allows continuous improvement and preservation of societal values ​​and ethics while keeping pace with scientific and technological development.

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