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Entertainment area, Badr City, Cairo, Egypt

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Badr University in Cairo( BUC) is an Egyptian private university founded by the presidential decree 117/2013. - Our campus equipped with the latest and most advanced educational technology, resources and facilities. Surrounded by greenery and a breathtaking landscape, students will enjoy a friendly and healthy environment. BUC provides a safe and appositive environment for students learning, where students, faculty members and staff cooperate effectively to achieve intended learning outcomes, which in turn have an impact on the community to achieve sustainability. The mission of the university is committed to prepare graduates equipped with 21st century skills and be able to compete in the job market and conduct research that leads to improving community, environment and achieving prosperity. Facilities: Campus: The location of BUC in Badr City, which is a new urban community northeast of Cairo, is ideal for serving the educational, medical and cultural needs of growing populations. BUC will provide a wide range of campus facilities that are open to students, administrative staff, school members and the local community. Library: Each school has its own library which contains the standard books needed for undergraduate courses, along with other materials related to different subjects and offers a wide range of quality resources and facilities to support learning, teaching and research. Medical Center The medical center serves anyone who is injured at university and can be taken for first aid. Medical center is provided with the needed medicine, equipment, material, kits and tools. There are highly qualified doctors to help and take care of students and staff. Food court: In our food court we serve healthy food for students and staff members, fresh juices and variety of healthy sandwiches and snacks. Accommodation: BUC provides off-campus residences conveniently located in Badr city. The fully-furnished students’ residence will offer comfortable living for students at competitive rates with many services including transportation to and from campus. Transportation: BUC offers well trained drivers and new buses with limit speed tracked by the University for more Safety that covers more than 10 areas inside and outside Cairo. Giving back to the community: BUC offers “a free dental treatment” and “free physical therapy treatment” for patients from different areas specially patients of Badr city which helps in improving the welfare of society. Mission Badr University is dedicated to meet the needs for educational opportunities in Egypt and neighboring countries, and to contribute to the knowledge-based society and sustainable development of Egypt by providing educational programs and services in accordance with international standards of quality and excellence. Badr University will develop affordable, student-centered and career oriented educational programs while continually enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, research, and training; all exercised through distinctive educational environment utilizing state of the art technology and efficient facility management. Aims: Of all the ways our university influences the future, none are more essential than educating the next generation of thinkers, doers and leaders. Our wide range of educational opportunities—both in and out of the classroom—enable BUC students to extend their world views and better understand their responsibilities as members of an increasingly interconnected and global society. The BUC’s broad range of expertise and capabilities is bringing new insights into the ways educational and society influence one another. By driving new research. Creating new knowledge, and fostering strategic partnerships with scientific, policy, business leaders and preeminent universities, further more, using of E-learning system. In addition to that the BUC offers particular opportunities of an internal and external training for the students and scholar ships for the excellent and superior alumni. To reach an outstanding result, we are very keen to provide highly equipment for the labs and to provide the student with diversity of amenities..highly equipped campuses, labs and library, dorms, conferences hall, theater, transportation and healthcare services. Goals: •Reshaping the concept and the global mindset of the education. In addition to, providing new practical practices that gives an equal privilege when compared to the international universities. •Bringing together students with a diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and opinions to produce a successful student body. The composition of the student body is a contributing factor in the educational experience of all students. In order to become influential and learned, they need to be able to create knowledge, which is harder than learning received knowledge. •Creating a full entire system for the universities which will help in and in the specialized career life opportunities : a Dentistry hospital, general hospital, research and development center, political science and human resources center, and a pharmaceutical lab. •Improving the performance of the students during their academic life in the management, language and technology fields to provide them with practical and management skills to decrease the gap between the academic life and the career life which will help in giving an opportunity to have a job later on. •Having a competitive advantage in life and career after university because of the robust relationships the BUC has with dynamic, progressive, category defining corporations, organizations and communities in the region. Services and facilities: o ATMs o Financial Aid o Exchange Programs The student selects a “Semester Abroad” option according to their major. o Management Programs o Leadership Programs o Dual Degree o Full Time VS Part Time Studying Students who are bound to work for any reason; have the flexibility to choose their courses and work at the same academic year. o Affiliations Establishing affiliations with other Universities & Agreements internationally. o Pathway Program Having the advantage of studying a course for one year that enables the student to apply for different careers in the future or studies. o Distance Education. o Psychological Center. A service that helps the students to be more concentrated and ensure their well-being through the life transitions they go through that affects their academic performance. o Vocational Programs. Faculties of the University: Phase One (2014 -2015) 1) Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical industries 2) Faculty of Dental and Oral Medicine 3) Faculty of Nursing 4) Faculty of Business and Economics 5) Faculty of Physical Therapy Phase Two (2015 - 2016) 1) Faculty of Applied Arts 2) Faculty of Engineering and Technology 3) Faculty of linguistics and Translation

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