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Ihsan Abdul Quddous Street, Off Khalifa Al Maamoon Street, Cairo, Egypt.

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brief history The French physician "Klock Beck" came to Egypt in 1824 AD and was appointed a year later in the Egyptian government. At the time, Muhammad was convinced of the importance of medical services, especially after the "Al Moura" campaign because the soldiers who died due to illness and wounds were more than those killed in the fighting. Klut Bey spent most of his life in Egypt, after the Muhammad Ali Pasha era organized the health administration of the Egyptian army and became the chief of army doctors. Clout Beck Mohamed Ali Pasha convinced that the most important of the foreign doctors to the soldiers was the establishment of a medical school for teaching medicine in Egypt and the establishment of the "School of Medicine" in Abu Zaabal in 1827, benefiting from the existence of the military hospital and military schools in that suburb. Clotte Beck was the principal of the school and was the first modern medical school in the Middle East and had 720 beds, right by a pharmacy school and another to graduate midwives. Klut Bey made great efforts to resist the plague that was settled in the country in 1830. The organization of the hospitals and the grant of Mohammed Ali Pasha called the title "Bek" in recognition of the diligence in the medical renaissance he created in Egypt, He was also one of the first students to attend the medical school in Abu Zaabal. He was Muhammad Ali al-Baqali Pasha from the village of Zawyet al-Baqali. The center of Tala Monofiya was 1815. Muhammad Ali Pasha was then sent to France in November 1832 to master his medical sciences Then he returned to take a coin in the palace hospital after the transfer of medical school from the village of Abu Zaabal to Cairo in 1837 AD and rose up until he became the first president of the palace hospital eye and received the rank of Bashawia and martyred in the Egyptian war with Abyssinia in the era of Khedive Ismail Pasha. College Mission The Faculty of Medicine of the Armed Forces offers medical education and training of high quality to military students to support military and civilian health care systems through doctors, highly qualified scientists who are able to carry out medical research and are ready for continuous professional development. The mission of the College promotes cooperation and networking with relevant institutions at the regional and international levels. College Vision The College of Medicine in the Armed Forces is a gateway to high quality medical education in order to provide a cadre of skilled doctors, professionals who provide outstanding medical services, enable them to contribute to scientific research, and access to medical leadership in the region based on growing capabilities and military discipline. Conditions of admission to the college Those who apply for admission to the Faculty of Medicine of the Armed Forces must meet the following conditions: To have Egyptian nationality and two parents who have a good time. Must have a certificate of completion of the general secondary school or Azhar or its equivalent in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities to accept the corresponding medical colleges in the field of specialization during the study in high school or Azhar or equivalent and taking into account the percentage of total success in the same year the applicant College and in accordance with the conditions and conditions determined by the Supreme Council of the College. Should the student not pass the certificate referred to in the previous item for more than two years during which the student will be enrolled in a university college, higher institute or service in the armed forces. He shall not be more than twenty-two years old on the first of October. Should he not have been sentenced to a felony or a crime of honor. To be good conduct and not to know anything that harms the security or reputation of the armed forces. To be unmarried and never married and to undertake not to marry during school. He has not resigned or dismissed from any military college or institute. To be complementary to the conditions of medical fitness determined by the Minister of Defense and the Military Medical Council competent to verify the availability of this condition. The scientific tests shall be carried out in accordance with the rules determined by the College Council prior to joining the College. To perform the confidence tests determined by the Minister of Defense and may not return this test in the same payment to the student who did not pass. Applicant must make written commitments in solidarity with his guardian, including the following: The data included in the admissions papers on which the student is accepted shall be valid throughout the period of his / her existence at the College. The performance of the expenses of the tests and medical examinations in the event of being canceled due to his absence from attendance. The performance of the expenses incurred during the period spent by the college as well as the expenses of tests and medical examinations in the case of his resignation and sent him for reasons other than the separation of the requirements of the public interest or medical malpractice and the invalidity of military life or the exhaustion of times of failure unless proved that this exhaustion was intentional student and his guardian are in solidarity This case is to perform all or part of the expenses by reasoned decision of the College Council. Upon joining the College, the student shall pay the financial amounts announced by the Supreme Council of the College. The annual tuition fees determined by the Supreme Council of the College Any other conditions deemed by the College Council and ratified by the Minister of Defense All the above conditions regarding acceptance of students in the faculty mentioned in Article (46) shall be considered as conditions for the continuation of the student's registration and shall be separated if one of these conditions is met. Applications for admission to the Faculty of Medicine of the Armed Forces shall be accepted for students who have obtained the certificate of completion of the general secondary school or Al-Azhar or its equivalent, provided that the grades of excellence established in accordance with the applicable rules and laws The Minister of Defense may approve the admission of students who do not have Egyptian nationality to study at the College, provided that they meet the requirements for admission to the College. The treatment of these students shall be in accordance with the rules determined by the competent authorities in the armed forces. College Admission The advantages obtained by the students of the Faculty of Medicine in the Armed Forces: Duration of study at the college in the bachelor's degree six years The faculty members of the faculty are appointed according to the principles that meet the international standards and according to the scientific and vocational qualification in the field of medical education. Therefore, the faculty members are among the elite faculty members in the Egyptian universities The College offers bachelor's degrees in medicine and surgery. Postgraduate students are awarded academic and clinical degrees after graduation in various disciplines (diploma, master, doctorate) During his period of study, the student studies the sciences of aerospace, aeronautics, field medicine, field surgery and disaster and crisis management During the course of the study, programs for co-existence with students of the international medical colleges corresponding to outstanding students in various fields of science and discipline Students begin to participate in scientific conferences and research events since entering the college During the course of the study, there are modern courses in the areas of leadership - communication skills - time management - scientific and logical thinking through which students are given certificates to complete these courses The student is mentally, morally and disciplined to comply with the ethics and ethics of the medical profession The student performs clinical training and the period of excellence for twelve months in military military hospitals accredited by the British Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities Graduates are awarded a certificate of completion of military studies after passing the science and military skills tests After the completion of the master's thesis and the necessary research for the assistant teacher's degree, he will be appointed in the degree of a teacher after obtaining the doctorate and the necessary research to continue the gradation in the academic degree to the rank of assistant professor and professor according to scientific research And scheduled rehabilitation After graduation, students are entitled to apply for the British Royal College Fellowship and apply for specialized and qualifying scholarships in all disciplines organized by the Armed Forces with the medical centers, colleges and institutes distinguished inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. After graduation, the student has the right to join the academic and training programs and continuing medical education programs established by the Military Medical Academy in cooperation with specialized international centers and societies The student has the right to enter all clubs and hotels of the armed forces The student can obtain club management services for the armed forces from resorts and trips Medical insurance for students at military hospitals is provided at the expense of the armed forces Participate in the special insurance fund within the specified time limit Participated in the Housing Fund of the Armed Forces to obtain an apartment from the residence of officers of the armed forces after graduation The student can obtain services from the Armed Forces Services Complex (card extraction / driving license / real estate services ...)

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