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Ahram Canadian University


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19228 / (202) 3833 3078

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6th of October City , Giza, Egypt

about Ahram Canadian University

"At Ahram Canadian University we are committed to prepare young individuals from Egypt and abroad to be leaders and intellects, and to instill in them the critical thinking that underpins responsible citizenship and social and ethical responsiveness in the global knowledge society". ACU is a leading modern educational institution of high international standards, employing innovative methods of education, as applied in Canadian universities, without being primarily driven by profit considerations but by academic excellence. Its responsiveness to the demand for high quality university education that qualifies students to meet the changing labor market requirements or pursue post-graduate studies in higher academic and vocational Institutes locally and abroad, is to be a model In Egypt and the Middle East, It Is also to play an important role In the comprehensive sustainable human development of Egypt and in fostering the scientific and technological literacy critical to Egypt. Ownership of the ACU Corporation will be 100% for Al-Ahram Establishment, this ownership structure differentiates ACU from other private universities in Egypt, Since the long established organizational history, institutional capacity and public spirit of its owner, Al-Ahram, would put it in a more transparent and institutionalized position than that of other private universities whose proprietorships are often more personal or commercial. A Board of Trustees, established in accordance with the Egyptian rules and regulations concerning private universities, will have the final authority for the management and control of the ACU, its property, revenues, business and affairs. It will be composed of up to 15 members, 14 of them to be appointed by the General Assembly of shareholders; the other member, being the President, is to be selected by the Board but appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, upon recommendation from the Board. The President of the University is ex-officio voting member of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will appoint a three member Executive Committee, the Chair of the Board, the Vice Chair and the President. The executive committee meets on a regular basis to follow up on board of Trustees decisions and prepare the agenda for the following Board of Trustees meeting. The Board of Trustees can establish, as needed, other committees or commissions reporting to the Board. Vision, Mission & Core Values ACU | Vision ACU aspires to become one of Egypt's top tier universities providing quality education, state of the art research. and contributes significantly to community development ACU | Mission We prepare well educated and motivated graduates who are able to serve their community and contribute to the enhancement of society. We accomplish this by: Offering innovative niche programs that meet the needs of students and employers; Providing a supportive learning environment that fosters integrity, creativity and self-development; Recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff that reflect our expectation of excellence; Ensuring that our practices, policies and procedures encourage sustainable development; and Conducting creative research in collaboration with regional and international organizations. Meeting the needs of organizations by developing customized education ACU | Core Values The values of the university guide its decisions and the behavior of its community. Its core values are: Excellence; accountability; quality; standards; benchmarking, accreditation Integrity; ethics; respect; equity Creativity; innovation; responsiveness; flexibility Collaboration; teamwork, partnerships, collegiality

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