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EasySchools-German International School-logo

German International School

Welcome to Deutsche Schule HurghadaThe German School Hurghada is a school similar to the German and Egyptian educational system with German as the focal language. The school is primarily aimed at children whose native languages are German and Arabic. Students obtain a bilingual education with English, Egyptian, national and international priorities from a German management and always have the opportunity to visit other schools in the two school systems. The aim is to be provided through a well-designed curriculum and highly qualified teaching staff students a good education and thus to help them after the successful completion of 12 years of schooling both access to universities, and to allow as to further training at home and abroad.

EasySchools-Futures language school-logo

Futures language school

A National School With Excellence. Futures Hurghada provides students with an educational system that follows the national curriculum and adopts a distinctive technology driven approach to learning. It offers uncompromised quality educational programs that feature new learning techniques and a wide range of subject matters to expand students' potential and broaden their academic opportunities.

EasySchools-Modern Egyptian International School-logo

Modern Egyptian International School

Modern Egyptian School is committed to educating the whole child intellectually, physically and socio-emotionally. We foster freedom of expression, independent thinking, and a sense of personal responsibility in a student-centered learning environment.The framework of our curriculum is based on the acquisition of knowledge and conceptual understanding through an inquiry-based approach, encouraging the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In addition, we emphasize the effective use of current technologies, the acquisition of multiple languages, creativity through the arts, and the pursuit of a physically active and healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to academic excellence is supported through a strong staff development program.We believe that for students to be fully contributing members of society, they must be socially and ethically responsible. This includes maintaining a commitment to community service that celebrates our diversity which develops into an understanding of and respect for others and the environment. We are also committed to active stewardship to the environment through sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

EasySchools-Happy International American School-logo

Happy International American School

Our mission is to promote a multi-cultural school with students and staff from all nationalities, religions, and gender to develop a sense of understanding and compassion for one another while respecting their differences. We want to create a learning environment that helps to develop students physically, socially, emotionally, as well as academically.

EasySchools-Sunrise International School Hurghada-logo

Sunrise International School Hurghada

Provide a stimulating, secure educational environment that creates a generation able to discover research, innovate, think, solve problems and take split decisions.

EasySchools-Generation Private Schools-logo

Generation Private Schools

know, learn, and enjoy with us

EasySchools-Royal El Geel El Saaed school-logo

Royal El Geel El Saaed school

Instilling religious and moral values ​​that help in building the educational and community process.Creating a good work environment that is characterized by cooperation and love in the team spirit of the teacher and the learner.Development of all aspects of the student's personality (cognitive, emotional, mental, psychological), and the care of gifted and creative people and encourage them to innovate through activating active learning strategies.Preparing special programs for those who have difficulties in learning and taking into account individual differences among learners.Activate the role of the local community in enriching the educational process through community participation.Education should be in continuous interaction between teacher and learner using educational software.Developing the teacher's skills in the use of modern technological methods and the diversity of teaching methods through activating the training unit.To take care of the discovery and development of gifted talents through classroom and extracurricular activities.Involve parents in shaping school policies to deliver the best performance.Exchange visits and experiences with corresponding institutions.Developing the self-confidence of the learner through the activation of various activities and programs.

EasySchools-German Hotel School El Gouna-logo

German Hotel School El Gouna

The German Hotel Hotel in El Gouna was established in 2002. The school aims to implement the dual education system as practiced in Germany, which combines theoretical study and practical training in hotels as well as direct post-graduation employment under the training and appointment contracts signed with the student after admission to the school , A three-year study in German in all hotel materials, as well as a study of national subjects in Arabic as well as a study of English. After graduating, students receive a hotel technical diploma from the Ministry of Education, Of the German Chamber of Industry and Trade recognized internationally.

EasySchools-Creative Minds American School-logo

Creative Minds American School

Creative Minds American School

EasySchools-Ecole Française d'Hurghada-logo

Ecole Française d'Hurghada

l'Ecole Française d'Hurghada propose un enseignement de qualité, de niveau international à caractère interculturel aux enfants de toutes nationalités | the French School of Hurghada offers a quality education with international standards and an intercultural nature to children of all nationalities.

EasySchools-Saad Zaghloul Preparatory School For Girls-logo

Saad Zaghloul Preparatory School For Girls

Saad Zaghloul Preparatory School For Girls

EasySchools-Sun Rise Language School-logo

Sun Rise Language School

Sun Rise Language School