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Saint Fatima Language School

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(02) 22600961 , 22600963 , 22600965 , 22600804


66 Ismail Al Kabbani, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate Show On Map

Saint Fatima Language School

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School number

(02) 22600961 , 22600963 , 22600965 , 22600804
66 Ismail Al Kabbani, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate Show On Map

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School fees
National kindergarten Kg-1
17000 EGP
National kindergarten Kg-2
17000 EGP
National Middle School 1st Grade
17500 EGP
National Middle School 2nd Grade
17500 EGP
National Middle School 3rd Grade
17500 EGP
National Primary School 1st Grade
17200 EGP
National Primary School 2nd Grade
17200 EGP
National Primary School 3rd Grade
17200 EGP
National Primary School 4th Grade
17200 EGP
National Primary School 5th Grade
17200 EGP
National Primary School 6th Grade
17200 EGP
National High School 1st Grade
18000 EGP
National High School 2nd Grade
18000 EGP
National High School 3rd Grade
18000 EGP

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about Saint Fatima Language School

in 1982, St. Fatima Language School was established by the late Mr. Said Younan. Since then it successfully grew and developed steadily to become what it is today. Currently, it is a fully fledged school offering all levels of education embracing all 5 stages, namely Pre-school, KG, Primary, Preparatory and Secondary.


Pre-school & KG

We provide the foundation of learning where children in this stage need a variety of activities that are age appropriate. We help developing the basic skills that will allow students to excel in the later stages of learning.


The Primary stage provides the students with the largest amount of information in their educational life. For that reason we provide students with interesting, interactive and repetitive learning techniques, embracing their needs.

Preparatory & Secondary

In these stages students are provided with the detailed knowledge. Such information is essential for their exams, university studies and work. We provide them with tangible information aiding them in grasping the educational materials to prepare for their exams.


At St. Fatima we believe that the individual’s educational attainment is one of the most important determinants of our children’s life. Proceeding from this belief we aim to provide a superior pre-college education for our students, empowering them to move toward life’s challenges with confidence, creativity, and integrity. We strive to stimulate and foster the ethical and moral development of each child; build his personality and character and develop his talents. Creative thinking and character building are our main objectives. Our mission is not only to strive for academic excellence but also to provide an education service that builds personality and prepares a generation for a fruitful and enjoyable life.

Our Philosophy

Our school seeks to establish in our pupils moral, ethical, and social values which will develop their character. We believe that the acquisition of skills and knowledge in itself is insufficient to prepare young children for their future place in society. Therefore we do our utmost to inspire and promote the ethical and moral development of each child. We seek to develop in our pupils, nobility in their aspiration, honour in their conduct and excellence in their spirits. We encourage them to put into practice these values primarily in their school lives, and eventually in their own.


Our school implements a comprehensive program in pastoral care, developing moral and social character of our children, strengthening the social fabric of our small society and ultimately the greater one. Children are encouraged to participate actively in our extracurricular programs, which include music, singing, computer, sports and drawing.


St. Fatima shares your ambition in a blossom future for your children. Your decision to join our family is a responsibility both on your side and a greater one on our side. Through our partnership with parents and students, we will prepare each student for a brilliant professional career.


School Day

School days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Fridays and Sundays are holidays.

School days are Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays. Fridays and Sundays are holidays. The school day starts at 8:00 am till 2:30 PM. There are optional office hours after school day from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM. School day comprisesone break of 50 minutes taking into consideration the children’s learning capabilities. Recognizing that students spend considerable time in school, we endeavour to make their day comfortable, valuable, and time worthy.

Students are expected to disembark between 7:45 and 8:00 AM. Children arriving after 8:15 AM will not be permitted to enter. Exceptions are made only after prior arrangement with the children’s guardian. If children, on an occasion, need to leave early, written notification must be sent to the school. Children will not be allowed to leave school in any different way than is usual for them. These procedures for the administration of students’ attendance and punctuality are designed to support students’ achievements and school success.


Learning Environment

Children are deeply affected by their school experience. At St. Fatima school the students learning experience is of significant precedence. We aim at creating the best learning environment for students. We provide stimulating environment that gives the students’ space and time to interact within the learning and teaching process. Our learning environment is not only academic but also an environment where students can develop their sense of responsibility, instil their good values, encourage self-awareness, and self confidence.

We at St. Fatima provide interactive learning environment. Such technique is designed to foster collaborative learning and reflective conversation.


School Facilites


We value our students, so that we aim to provide them with comfortable facilities that increase their ability to acquire knowledge. Our classrooms are designed not only to enhance students’ ability to learn, but also encourage students to gain knowledge. At St. Fatima School all classrooms are sunny, airy and well-lit, equipped with Interactive teaching tools. Each class can accommodate up to 25 students with a suitable size allows the students to interact during teaching process and ensure a healthy environment for them.



Science labs are fully equipped with all equipment needed for good progress of the courses. We provide our students with the latest technology and materials available for physics, chemistry and biology. Students have the chance to develop their practical skills and to carry out experiments related to the curriculum, without neglecting the importance of safety in labs. We follow strict safety precaution where.


No eating or drinking in the lab.

Everything is handled as if it’s pathogenic.

Flames and flammable solutions are kept far apart, and located far from the exit.

Proper safety precautions are enforced where fume hood, goggles, and gloves are used.


The library, an important component of our Departments’ system of education, provides knowledge and a student’s guide to a better standard of learning. It is a bright, inviting room. Books, magazines and periodicals are there in large numbers and in a wide variety. Its extension is more of a comfortable reading room including a wide selection of reference books. The library is staffed by qualified librarians who are ready to help the students and give them access to a wide range of resources for study and research.


Computer Labs

Our IT laboratories have extensive computer network linking the school to World Wide Web. The computer labs equipped with a sufficient amount of brand-name networked computers to ensure that every student can use a machine during the lessons. Each lab is also equipped with interactive whiteboard and printers. We cater the machines with a good range of software programmes to give our students the best technology education. For the safety of our students, the floor of the IT Lab is made of a special material, which absorbs all electrical charges.



Children spend a considerable percentage of their school day in the playground. Making best use of play times can help tackle the inactivity, boredom and poor behaviour that can intimidate children and affect lessons. Improving the play time environment can impact significantly on school life.


Aiming at increasing the quantity and quality of physical activity and sport we provide appropriate equipment to support the spot games such as (football, basket balls, etc.). We also provide Supervision to facilitate usage of sports facility.


St. Fatima spacious playgrounds allow the students to do a lot of activities, we provide them with football, basketball and volleyball courts. Students also can use the playgrounds as a reception area during the school break. The wide space of our play grounds can be also used for special events like sports days during the academic year.


Health Clinic

The school has a resident doctor and an equipped clinic. Our resident doctor is available during school hours. Students, who show medical symptoms during the school day, will be directed to the doctor after issuing a slip from the administration. In the event of any medical emergencies that are beyond the school’s facilities, students will be provided with immediate transfer to one of the reputable nearby hospitals.

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