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El-massria Integrated schools

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015-383501, 015-383502, 015-383503 , 0102 333 7437


10th Of Ramadan City - N.B 7 - Sharqiyah , Egypt Show On Map

El-massria Integrated schools

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School number

015-383501, 015-383502, 015-383503 , 0102 333 7437
10th Of Ramadan City - N.B 7 - Sharqiyah , Egypt Show On Map

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School fees
National kindergarten Kg-1
9125 EGP
National kindergarten Kg-2
9125 EGP

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

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about El-massria Integrated schools

El Massria Integrated Schools in Egypt has been one of Egypt's leading schools since it opened its doors to its first 70 students in 1990.  Today, EIS has three campuses, with a combined student population of over 4000 students.

EIS Egypt is accredited from Northwest Accreditation Commission NWAC, a group of ten American and British schools spanning six countries and three continents.  In partnership with the school community, our mission is to provide eligible students, primarily from the Middle East and living in the Greater Cairo area, with a challenging American and International college preparatory education. Our caring, professional faculty strives to empower our students to become critical, independent thinkers with the skills to be dynamic participants in an ever-changing global society.


El-Massria American School's Vision:

To become one of the top American school education providers in Egypt, depending on up-to-date technologies and strategies in both teaching and learning processes.

El-Massria American School's Mission:

To create a challenging learning environment to inspire lifelong learning. We encourage having high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction and assessment that allow for individual differences and learning styles. We strive to be updated with the latest scientific development and technology. We aim to provide many new interesting ways to make learning enjoyable, more interactive and more productive.


School Beliefs:

1.    High academic achievement is a priority. 

2.    Student centered classes and challenging learning are essential.

3.    Staff and students need to be motivated to achieve excellence. 

4.    Continuous improvement

5.    Change is the result of thoughtful study involving students, staff, and community. 

6.    Learning is a lifelong process. 

7.    Student, staff, parents, and community members are partners and all have a personal responsibility in the educational process. 

8.    Students have an innate desire and ability to learn. 

9.    Students learn in different ways and at different rates. 

10.    Students can and should make valuable contributions to enrich their school and enhance their community. 

11.    Each student or staff member has the right to experience a safe and friendly school environment where all individuals are treated with respect. 

12.    Students, staff, parents, and community members value diversity and multicultural concepts.  



Our campus allows El Massria Integrated Schoolsto deliver a superior International based curriculum in superior facilities.


El Massria Integrated Schools is located in 10th OF Ramdan City. EIS is located approximately 25 minutes from Masr El Gedida, 30 minutes from Heliopolis and 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport.


The Campus

The campus is located on 15,000 square meter of land in a residential area of 10th of Ramdan City. The physical facilities of the school consist of main administration building, International School building, and the American School Building.


EIS has a total 75 Classrooms, four art rooms, six science labs, remedial reading, three computer labs, journalism room, a cafeteria. And three school libraries.


Our School

EIS purpose built campus includes :

an excellent Information Technology structure

outdoor handball court

well-equipped science labs

a well-stocked library

purpose built art rooms

purpose built music rooms

a 100 seat capacity two auditoriums

soccer field

outdoor basketball courts

outdoor volleyball

well-equipped Elementary outdoor play areas


Indoor Facilities

EIS includes air conditioned and fully networked classrooms and large and well equipped Elementary, Middle School and High School library facilities. 200 seat capacity two auditoriums are also used for in-house theatre productions and award ceremonies.


Sporting Facilities

With a focus on the physical development as well as the academic development of our students and an emphasis on providing an integrated Physical Education Program, the EIS campus boasts basketball courts, handball, football field and outside Elementary outdoor play areas.


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