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La Rose De Lisieux School

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02 37621076 / 37602128


No 21 El Tahreer - El Dokki Dokki, Giza Show On Map

La Rose De Lisieux School

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School number

02 37621076 / 37602128
No 21 El Tahreer - El Dokki Dokki, Giza Show On Map

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School fees
National kindergarten Kg-1
7790 EGP
National kindergarten Kg-2
7830 EGP
National Primary School 1st Grade
8060 EGP
National Primary School 2nd Grade
8130 EGP
National Primary School 3rd Grade
8320 EGP
National Primary School 4th Grade
8460 EGP
National Primary School 5th Grade
8480 EGP
National Primary School 6th Grade
8540 EGP
National Middle School 1st Grade
8850 EGP
National Middle School 2nd Grade
8860 EGP
National Middle School 3rd Grade
8750 EGP
National High School 1st Grade
9490 EGP
National High School 2nd Grade
9150 EGP
National High School 3rd Grade
8920 EGP

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

ما لون الماء في النيل الازرق ؟


عديم اللون



about La Rose De Lisieux School

The school has a certificate of quality and accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation,

It is the first private language school in Dokki to receive a quality certificate


The school seeks to:

To raise a generation of educated learners with the first scientists, a generation that benefits, benefits and participates in the new society of Saeed as a source of knowledge and love and belonging that brings to mind the sanctity of the place and elevates man.

La Rose de Lisée School works on:

Provide quality education for all learners. Build an integrated learner's personality in all aspects. Developing the skills of the technological learner through an integrated educational system. To benefit from the history of our old school to meet the challenges and keep up with the latest developments in the garden era. Graduating a generation that understands the values ​​of citizenship and community participation. Communication and communication between the school community and the external community to achieve quality and accreditation.


"Laroche de Lisée Language School"

(Schools of the greatest and oldest educational and educational institutions in the province of Giza has been founded since 1942, and was able during these successive contracts to retain excellence and outstanding results, which enabled them to obtain the Shield of Giza for scientific excellence) (and the Cup of Excellence) as well as many certificates of appreciation scientifically and literary And mathematically, thus achieving continuous excellence from kindergarten to end (secondary level). Where generations have now occupied the greatest centers of excellence and excellence that have the greatest impact in building society and its scientific and technological development. Is the great edifice that Dokki Educational Administration is proud of in particular and the governorate of Giza in general, is the single edifice of education for the advancement of education for itself. It is the edifice that oversees the educational administration that is aware of the life process. Is the administration that begins its education with regard to education from kindergarten to high school.


In the stage of kindergarten where the child is at the beginning of his life and his departure to deal with others, he finds love, care, tenderness and warmth that some people think he misses when he leaves home. However, he finds that the child has increased his attachment to the school because of various activities that develop his talents, Care and affection no less than the tenderness of the mother and the family, as well as the education that longs for him at the beginning of his life a tradition of adults and a love to prove himself, and this is done with the latest educational methods.


As for the primary stage in which it moves from early childhood to the steps of maturity and stability, the teachers and teachers find awareness, guidance, guidance and advice in all areas of scientific and practical life, as well as find a comprehensive explanation of the latest educational methods, and begins the student to practice his educational life relying on the largest reliance on the school to receive science And the practice of various activities, in which a large proportion of this stage takes place, where they are always in the primary positions. This stage has proved the difference in its ranks and its success rate is not less than 100% and the highest totals. As for the preparatory stage, which is the stage where many schools find it difficult to deal with this age, we find in La Rose School wisdom and responsible responsibility and understanding with this stage in order to prepare a strong personality polite know how to make their way to success. Students and students learn how to combine the practice of hobbies and memoirs in a simple and easy way, reaching at the end of this stage with a strong personality, polite and successful the highest grades. The preparation of the student to rely on himself completely and partly with the preparatory stage to the Laroz de Lisie secondary where the respectful and sensitive packages of the nature of this stage of age is adolescence, we find exclusive educational treatment, which aims to help the student to determine his way of life and help him to reconcile his abilities and desires, To join the college that commensurate with his abilities and desires together, and no less secondary to the secondary preparatory and primary in keeping the top in the first positions at the level of the Republic and graduate students to the summit colleges.


This is how LaRouz de Lisé in all its stages from childhood to the first stages of maturity and stability and to the practical life, this is the citadel of science, which many seek to join to keep pace with progress and civilization in Egypt.

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