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Nile kangroo language School

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38911037- 0101623341 - 0101623340


kornesh imbaba elkanatar El Shiekh Zayed, Giza Show On Map

Nile kangroo language School

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Nile kangroo language School number

38911037- 0101623341 - 0101623340
kornesh imbaba elkanatar El Shiekh Zayed, Giza Show On Map

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Nile kangroo language School fees

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

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about Nile kangroo language School

Our school was opened in 1998. It's located in a green area. we have all stages, KG, primary, Prep and secondary. Our concept is always going above and beyond to offer the highest level of education to our students and we are now very proud to announce that we are offering advanced education to them.


We have two sections: (Language and semi American)


I – language Section:

- English course (I can) in KG (Computer in classes)

English course (Bright star) in primary

English course (Enterprise) in Prep

English course (upstream) in secondary

- French language starting from K.G.2

- Native Speakers

- Different activities and Qura'an


II – Semi American:

Starting by KG1, KG2 and Prim.1




Our mission statement puts students first. Their success is our success. Our graduates will have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the very demanding and competitive future. We are committed to providing an educational experience for each of our students that have a positive impact on their lives. Therefore we'd like to announce that this year our students have taken the first positions in the educational directorate.


Nancy El Sayed Mohamed (The second in Prim.6 )

Shereen Nehad Ibrahim (The second in Prep.3 )

Mohammed Mohssen Mohamed (The fourth in Prep.3)

Merna Mostafa Mahmoud (The seventh in Prep.3)


to know more about schools admissions 2019-2020


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