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Last Update 2019-11-19
Vision Academy

Vision Academy


01111693021 - 01126354172
Hosni Al Gazzar St. - next to Al Zahraa School - El Orouba El Haram, Giza Show On Map

About Vision Academy

Vision: An extension of time For generations to come, we will not just sponsor, but we will create a series of schools of vision, leaving our silence in the history of education and how to deal with the child. Based on our belief in the role of nurseries in building the personality of the child in the early stages of his life and the impact on his practical and scientific life in various stages of development, we are committed to providing the highest levels of quality both educationally and educationally. Our slogan "Our dream is the future of our children" always drives us to achieve a better future for our children. An effort to that end. Therefore, we have taken into account in our curricula the balance in entertainment, educational and pedagogical aspects, which makes the child able to identify himself, control his feelings and manage them, as well as identify the society and the awareness of the relations within it and the establishment of relations and management and the ability to make responsible decisions and bear their consequences. Studies have shown that these five skills represent 80% -85% of the reasons for success and that the remaining 15% are based on cognitive skills. Thus, at Vision Academy, we follow the best educational curricula that help to develop these skills (Mestorsi and SEL), which depend on the involvement of parents and society. Therefore, we at the "Vision Academy" do not overlook the role of the family and society as a fundamental role complementary to its educational and educational role. Let us work together (family, school, community) to achieve a better future for our children. Our dream is the future of our children