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Last Update 2019-11-19
The Baby Academy

The Baby Academy


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69 El Montazah St. Heliopolis - Heliopolis Square, Cairo Show On Map

About The Baby Academy

ABOUT US We here at The Baby Academy® are well aware that raising a child in a healthy and balanced environment is not an easy task. That is why we have developed what we believe is every parent’s hope for their child. The physical, mental and emotional development of our future generations is the goal for which The Baby Academy was established. We believe that instilling self-esteem and independence is not only important but also rather fundamental to the growth and development of a child. We aim to provide all our children with a clean, safe, comfortable, and loving environment in which they can experience the joy of learning. By stimulating a child’s curiosity to learn, we make the experience fun. Encouraging questions, discussions, and exploration is the method we use to teach our children. Our role is to motivate each and every child to reach his or her maximum potentials. OUR MISSION To be the leaders in Early Childhood Education in Egypt & the Middle East. We aim to do this through utilizing the latest in educational studies, facilities, and technology in our classrooms and through our teachers. OUR VISION To continuously develop and upgrade our knowledge, our systems and our curriculums to ensure that we will always be a parent’s first choice when seeking out childcare with effective educational programs that are dedicated to a child’s ever-changing needs. No matter how much we grow, we will always make it a point to listen to parents, teachers and children and use their feedback in the development of the most innovative child-care solutions and environments based on their needs and demands. To continue advocating inclusion opportunities for children with special needs (gifted and challenged) into the mainstream educational systems; as we believe all children deserve an equal chance to explore their full potential. OUR PHILOSOPHY The Baby Academy believes that all children should have the right to quality programs, education and care which would enable each child to achieve his/her full potential. We believe that it is our role as educators to cater to the needs, interests and learning styles of each and every child. We provide what we believe to be the best quality early childhood education and care in a safe, stimulating and loving environment. OUR VALUES Quality: We are committed to providing the best Quality care and education possible to each and every child in our Centers. Through open communication, we are also committed to providing parents with the best Quality experience in child care for their children. Learning: We promote the love of Learning to all our children, staff and parents. We firmly believe that through creating an environment fostering Learning, we entice not only the curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills of the children but of all the adults around them as well. The love for Learning is the main culture that unites The Baby Academy community. Teamwork: We believe that parents, teachers and administration should work in partnership as a team to promote the development and success of each child. We strive to create an environment of collaboration where sharing and respect is a mutual practice cherished by adults and children alike. Commitment: We are committed to our mission. We are committed to building a solid foundation for each child to grow emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively. We are committed to our promise to the parents to provide their children with the finest care and love. We are committed to each other to continue the pursuit of excellence and learning. We are committed to provide Quality in everything we do and believe. Honesty: Open communication and mutual respect is emerging from the belief that honesty is the overpowering value that controls our actions and relations. OUR HISTORY The Baby Academy® is one of the brands owned by The Egyptian Child Care Corporation - EC3 founded in 1999. The Baby Academy is a chain of preschool centers catering for children aged from 3 months to 5 years old with a mission to become the leader in early childhood education in Egypt and the Middle East. The Baby Academy is adopting state-of-the art educational curricula, techniques and premises. Our quality programs are designed to help children achieve their full potentials where each child counts. Children are taught how to think for themselves, develop a love of learning and gain the ability to problem solve through hands-on-experience & learning through play. The first center of The Baby Academy opened its doors in 2000. Today there are four centers in Cairo; Heliopolis, Mohandiseen, New Cairo and Maadi. Over the years, our experienced and highly trained staff has developed several systems and methodologies for the provision of early childhood development activities and curriculums as well as the management and monitoring of quality child care centers and facilities.