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Last Update 2019-11-19
Lolo and Fayrouz Academy

Lolo and Fayrouz Academy


0235854869 - 01110880902 - 01116823173
332 Haram St. - next to Giza International Hospital El Haram - , Giza Show On Map

About Lolo and Fayrouz Academy

Features of Pearl and Fairuz ..... Montessori Educational Academy for children from one to six years, which provides an integrated day between academic learning and skills development program .... Save the Koran with mental maps ... Preparing to enter the school ... and learn life skills who are we We are an integrated team of trainers and educators who have gathered their efforts to provide the benefit and fun for you and your child in the field of human development. In the sea of ​​life, we are helping you to sail together and dive into the depths of life to extract our pearls in our children. Our vision: Attention to the new generation, which is the essential component of the society of tomorrow to create a cultural, cultural and community boom and to create a generation capable of leading the Arab nation in the near future. Our Mission: To provide new generations with the basic skills that help them to create a creative and distinctive personality in all fields and to provide this generation with new and constructive features using various means of human development such as mental maps and various practical training methods, taking into account the education and the Islamic way in all our means and the introduction of the Quran and the Prophet ) And stories of the prophets in the methods of training to take cues from them.