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Last Update 2019-11-19
Insan Academy

Insan Academy


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6th District, El Iskan El Fakher Buildings El Obour, Kaliobeya Show On Map

About Insan Academy

An academic person - A place to sell programs for children and teenagers From the age of 5 to 17 years Man is the place of all his programs that serve behavior, ethics and education A person is an educational place that works through the educational experience, and the building of personality A human being has a reputation of 5 years and achieves achievements with a large number of our children A man is a place where you will trust your son, and you will be in him for a long time A person who has no political or religious affiliation A person places all children with love A person is a place to help you study, study and test your children A human being has a place that contains adolescents and helps them in their lives A person who helps parents and adolescents in any educational problems A person who works on parallel education - A man based on the fusion of fun and education. - A human being is an integrated society for the child in which he finds all that he loves and benefits from - A person is a place to gather children and meet each other to do different activities - A person based on educational work through coexistence, where he gradually changes behavior. - A person in which children make new friends in a safe behavioral environment - A person is characterized as a place where the child finds his freedom, allowing him to express himself and lead to confidence in himself - The team work on the continuous encouragement between children and each other and draw positive values ​​and focus on what they have skills and highlight them. - A man based on the freedom of expression for children and leave spaces between them and the team work and discuss everything that is inside them and what they want every choice. - A person who trains children through living on the positive behaviors that prepare them to be responsible individuals in the community, and give them the basic skills and experiences that benefit them in life. - A person based on promoting the personal development of children. - A man is based on the discovery of talent in children and help them to find who develops. - A person based on safety and security in the first place. - A man based on the principle of experimental education and training of children. - A man who is trained on a son to have a personality of independence, and satisfaction with himself from making their own decisions - A person who helps children and adolescents to solve their personal problems that they are exposed to, which they do not disclose to their parents and seek to solve them in an external framework, which may cause the acquisition of bad behaviors and causes the aggravation of problems and increase, and helps to increase the gap between children and adolescents and between parents and society # Programs human academic, which worked programs, including busy seasons, and programs are active throughout the year: 1- Personal building programs 2- Daily study program 3 - Program of academic foundation 4 - workshops and handicrafts 5- Entertainment programs and competitions 6- Periodic scientific and historical trips 7- Cooking program 8. External educational camps 9 - Trade Shows 10- The Holy Quran Program 11- Android electronics 12. Various language programs 13 - life skills 14. Health awareness 15. Arabic calligraphy