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Last Update 2019-11-19
Ebny Academy for Special Needs

Ebny Academy for Special Needs


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Shebin El Koum - El Bar El Sharqy 17 Abou Bakr El Seddik St. Off Saad Zaghloul St. Behind Abou Bakr El Seddik Mosque & In Front Of El Bar El Sharky First Floor Shebin El Koum, El Monofeya Show On Map

About Ebny Academy for Special Needs

Our Services Ibani Academy for Special Needs From the services of the academic (nursing unit) in which: - ✏ Receives children from the age of 2 years and up to 12 years old ✏ Full day system from 8am to 2pm 👬👫 Individual sessions 👱 ✏ Entertainment activities and social gatherings ✏ Use some of the activities of Montessori 👀 ✏ Daily intensive program for children and evaluate every 3 months 📒 ✏ Rehabilitation of children to enter classes of inclusion (if possible) 🎓 ✏ Follow the child ☎ and communicate with home and family periodically ✏ Periodic reports 📋 to follow the child and to identify the needs and level of improvement