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Last Update 2019-11-19
Creative Corner Academy

Creative Corner Academy


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Gamal Abdel Nasser - In Front Of 8th District - Tiba Gardens Compound, Reham Entrance October - Giza, Giza Show On Map

About Creative Corner Academy

Education is the foundation of the renaissance of the nations and the secret of progress so we must keep up with the latest developments and work on the development of education to meet the needs of the stage we are going through. Therefore, we strive to make the Academy reach the top of the cognitive knowledge pyramid, which makes it an innovative and creative academy that provides an educational environment that encourages innovation and moves the student from the lowest levels of perception to the top, through the skills of understanding and application and analysis of problems and governance of things to creativity and innovation. Special Programs: 1 - Mandala Doodle drawing course with young artist Esraa Gamal, author of "Fatun" 2- The Academy's surprise and in order to raise the Arab calligraphy and revive its heritage. Learn Arabic calligraphy with the creator A / Tamer Abou Elkhair "Member of the General Union of Calligraphers" This is for all ages from 6 to 60 years 3- Musical instrument teaching course Violin - piano - guitar with the artist Ahmed Ramadan 4 - A strong child can protect himself and defend himself at the time of need using the force of the opponent