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Last Update 2019-11-19
Creative Child Academy

Creative Child Academy


01110005845 - 01154450781
8 Abu Bakr Al Seddiq St. - Al Tawheed wal Noor El Mariotteya - Faisal, Giza Show On Map

About Creative Child Academy

Learning, learning and knowing with us is your child creative The Creative Child Academy is a scientific body and a team of specialists in the fields of childhood, family and youth. Is an administrative subsidiary of the Knowledge Horizons Association for Accreditation and Training. It has an independent board of directors and enjoys distinguished international and regional credentials. The Academy has a prestigious biography with realistic models and field successes. The Academy works according to international quality standards and provides its services in accordance with the international systems for the grant of usage rights and intellectual property. The Creative Child Academy is one of the leading institutions in the Arab world for knowledge management in the field of childhood and family. About the Academy of the Creative Child: Making Creativity and Discovering Scientists since 2009 - Be your child in the elite since childhood. For the first time, we only care for 30 children. We accept from 3 months to 14 years. Sports, Arabic, Science, Quran, and conversations. Concerts . Children's Cinema. Language Lab - Entertainment Day. Games area. Green area . Swimming pool - For the first time the children's creative academy offers a human development for children - rehabilitation for all school tests - cooking / agriculture / computer / decor / aerobics / medical care - daily and monthly report for child development - A daily diet and a daily snack and a bus for delivery - a monthly approach to skills development - winter and summer courses - international courses online and direct - speech - delayed learning - slow learning - behavior modification (violence - stubbornness - aggression) Educational - behavioral) and skills development