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Last Update 2019-11-19
Braem Al Eman Language Nurseries

Braem Al Eman Language Nurseries


01095666127 - 01120001364 - 01120001365 - 37420275
55 Tersa Street - Beside Al Tawhed We Al Nour El Haram, Giza Show On Map

About Braem Al Eman Language Nurseries

The nurseries aim to: - Social, educational, psychological and physical care of children. - Work to develop their talents and abilities and prepare them for learning in line with the objectives of the community and its religious and social values. - Strengthening the link between the nursery and the families of children. - Increasing social awareness among families of children. - To promote and monitor the natural growth and development of children. We would love to inform you of the Baram El Eman Language Nursery. It is the place that gives your children the confidence and care of their children. It gives parents a sense of safety and confidence in their children and you will always feel the positive positive attitude towards your child. If you feel that your child needs to adjust in some of his behaviors, In a thoughtful manner and according to the personality of each child and if you want a level of scientific excellence for your child with us will be Matodin where the nursery has teachers at the highest level of training and education and specialization and dealing with childhood and access to a child to the highest possible scientific level and we are responsible for education Skills using sophisticated scientific methods If you are concerned about how to form your child's personality, we are with you to grow our child's ability to form the opinion and express himself in his lifestyle We offer you what is new to your child's education, education and civic behavior. We are happy with what we offer the child is a nursery for natural children. The child's skillful activities Work group and increase attention and focus An advanced curriculum that changes the concept of subjugation to nursery schools in the sense that I am nursery to play at a certain time or the most important is education with the development of the interactive ability of children with the environment So welcome to us and hope to communicate with us through the bridge