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Last Update 2019-11-19
Apex Kindergarten Nursery

Apex Kindergarten Nursery


01001729393 - 01002821377
Al-Hayy Al-Thani, 3rd Neighborhood, Building 860, near Gail 2000 School Giza, Giza Show On Map

About Apex Kindergarten Nursery

Apex Nursery ---------------------------------- * Qualifying the child for experimental schools, languages and international * We accept the age of the baby boy Until the age of 10 years * (Arabic language - maths - English - Art - Attic - a cream and a prophet) * There are books for each stage * After School is available * There is a potty ring * Bisin has an open and well ventilated area for games * There are activities and games Montessori * Summer Camp is available until the primary stage * We celebrate children's birthdays * There is a monthly periodic disclosure * There are daily and monthly reports * There are parties and trips * There are lessons for the primary stage * There is a bus