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10 ways to develop your child’s creative abilities

10 ways to develop your child’s creative abilities

at 15/20/2012

10 ways to develop your child’s creative abilities

We will talk about things may be parents do to develop child’s creative abilities and mentality.
Please feel free to share your experience wit us and we will put it into our social media accounts and share it with others.

1- Provide the resources they need for creativity.
2- allocate a special place in the home for children.
3- try buy gifts for the child that will help creativity and tell your friends if they want to buy a gift for your child it prefer to help them improve creativity and mentality. 
4- Allow children the freedom and independence to explore their ideas and do what they want.
5- Encourage children to read for pleasure and to participate in the arts.
6- Give children the opportunity to express their opinion and disagreement with you and discuss.
7- Question the child constantly Do you enjoy what he did? Do you want to do it again? And what is the most activity do you enjoy?
8- Minimize the time of watching television and electronic games, whether on mobile or computer.
9- Do not punish your child for the error or failed attempts, but encouraged and tried with him.
10- Do not direct solutions to your child and discuss what he does.

There are funny games to improve Child’s creativity and mentality



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