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Let’s see some ideas to prepare your child to pre-school

Let’s see some ideas to prepare your child to pre-school

at 15/20/2012

Pre-school stage is an important for children because it change their attitude.

This stage has a lot of feature:

  • A suitable place for children to play and interact with each other.
  • They will learn letters, numbers, colors, and activities.
  • Children learn to participate, respect rules, self-reliance and flexibility in dealing with different children.
  • Helping to build a child’s personality.
  • To prepare the child for the school and KG stage and move from a small environment (home) to a larger and wider environment.

Let’s see some ideas to prepare your child to pre-school

Games: Kids learn faster with playing games and preferably if your friends wants to give your child a gift ask them to give a learning gift, puzzle, coloring, shape of letter or numbers.

Share of interest: learn your child patience, if you doing something tell him to wait until you finished and not answer him immediately to do this habit with all people.

Playing in groups: if you have a club membership let your child participating into team sport, if this option not available to you you can subscribe to public library or centers suitable for children to playing with each other.

Family time: form time to time leave your child with his grandparents or uncles you will not have any worries and you will make a strong relation with their relatives.

Routine:  The child is supposed to follow a certain routine in the pre-school. Try to make that routine in the house too, for example (sleeping time, washing hands before and after eating, eating on table and so on) because the child is used to routine and this is will be a life style.

Small trip: make a small trip with your children with out your car, take him in a tour to see other people and places.

Develop a self-reliance skill: when children going to pre-school they will learn independence so you may develop this skills in home too such as they wearing their clothes by them-selves and helping you in preparing food.

Tie hair: ensure that if your child’s hair long tie it for health and safely purpose.

Organize: learn your children to be organized if you always tell them to organize their toys they will grow up as an organized.

Self-convinced: talk as much as you can with your child to improve the his pronunciation, speech and writing and the way he talks.

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