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10 Tips and Tricks to Learn English or any language

10 Tips and Tricks to Learn English or any language

at 15/20/2012

10 Tips and Tricks to Learn English or any language

Don’t expect that when you are just reading this article you will be an American and speaking like natives, you need to be patient and diligence and diligence and diligence to learn English or any other languages it’s the same steps
We’ll talking about a few ideas and tips you can be done. 
We try to shorten our speech and speak in useful along.

Reading books will not only help you become a creative person full of imagination and ideas, but also help you get better at English. Try this for a month and see the results.

Start your morning with  newspaper reading (in English) for 15 minutes, watching news (in English) on TV for 20 minutes and try to increase times gradually.

Think in English:
The wise men of Africa say, ‘As you think, so shall you be,’ so, if you want to see yourself as a man who speaks English fluently, you got to start thinking in English. I know, it’s gonna be difficult initially, but, after some 20-21 days, you’ll start doing it unconsciously. 

Arrange a Private Tutor:
You can go to any English centers (Egypt already has a lot of them) you will practice English with some professionals and beginners like you OR you can enroll to any online course with private tutor one on one. 

Start Writing & start Speaking:
write some 3 to 5 pages and increase pages gradually (on any topic that comes in your mind). The idea here is to make you sit, write, and speak.

Movies & Music:
All of us love watching Movies or listening Music but when you watching movies watch it English subtitles and Music with English lyrics.

Talk to yourself:
Whenever you’re at home (or alone somewhere else) you can practice your English with your favorite person: yourself.
If you’re already thinking in English, try speaking your thoughts out loud. even if you don’t have anyone to correct your mistakes, just the act of speaking out loud will help you become more comfortable speaking English.

Use a mirror:
Whenever you can, take a few minutes out of your day to stand in front of the mirror and speak. Choose a topic, set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes and just talk.
The point of this exercise is to watch your mouth, face and body language as you speak.

Focus on fluency, not grammar:
The more you stop, the less confident you sound and the less comfortable you become. Try the mirror exercise above, but challenge yourself to speak without stopping or stammering (taking pauses between your words) the entire time.

Try some tongue twisters:
Tongue twisters are series of words that are difficult to say quickly. One example is: “The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.” Try saying this a few times! It’s not easy.

 I hope this post, these ideas help you learn English the right way

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