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The Benefits of Reading to Your Newborn

Added In 15-03-2018

The Benefits of Reading to Your NewbornThink your baby is too young to reap the rewards of reading? Think again. Research shows it's never too early to start enjoying books with your little one. So get ready to break out your copy of Goodnight, Moon and enjoy this ritual with your newest addition.It's bonding time:"It exposes the baby to the sound of your voice, which is soothing for him." In fact, a recent study in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics found that reading to babies in the NICU can help parents develop the same feelings of intimacy that parents of healthy newborns cultivate in the days and weeks after a baby's birth.It preps him for reading on his own:While your newborn doesn't understand what you're saying, he can still begin to pick up the rhythm, tones and inflections of your voice, Research shows that the more words a baby is exposed to, the better prepared he is to eventually start reading on his own.It boosts brain power:Studies have also shown that children who were read to as newborns have a larger vocabulary, as well as more advanced mathematical skills, than other kids their age. There's also a direct link between how many words a baby hears each day and her language skills. One study found that babies whose parents spoke to them a lot scored higher on standard tests when they reached age 3 than children whose parents weren't as verbal.It gets a response: Dr. Wible says that after reading to your newborn for a while, you'll actually notice your little one responding to the rhythmic movement of your voice with her arms and legs. "Being read to helps children see and hear what is around them, and respond in kind," he says.It introduces emotion: Your baby is exposed to feelings through the different sounds you use when reading, whether it's doing a voice for a specific character or describing what's going on in the book. "You simply can't hear that type of emotion in music or through watching TV," explains Dr. Abrams. "The spoken word conveys the idea that words have meaning and certain sounds mean certain things."It exposes them to visuals: From 0 to 3 months, your child will start focusing his or her eyes on simple patterns on the pages. Reading picture books presents your newborn with a variety of shapes, letters and colors that she will begin to recognize as the months go on.It shows them that reading is fun: Making it a part of your regular family routine will teach your child that reading is something to be enjoyed, not a chore that needs to be done for school. That attitude will foster a love of reading that will take her through school and into adulthood.You really can read whatever you want!Bored with children's books? Don't worry; since newborns can't understand your words yet, you get to choose what the two of you are reading. A newspaper article, a chick-lit novel or even an Oprah's Book Club pick. It doesn't matter what you're reading right now, as long as you’re doing it!Referrance: Parents

History of Education

Added In 15-03-2018

Today we will talk about the types of schools in Egypt and the stages of education through out history in a brief, but we will focus more on the types of schools in Egypt.History of EducationEducation in the ancient Egypt:Education has spread in Egypt since ancient Egyptians who contributed to the invention of writing, they recorded the ancient Egyptian language in hieroglyphicsChristian era:When Christianity entered Egypt in the year 60 AD, some of the features of education changed with the era. Schools were attached to churches instead of temples and theological school was established in Alexandria.Islamic era:After the Islamic conquest of Egypt, the schools affiliated with the mosques appeared. The Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas was the first center to hold voluntary seminars in Egypt during the Islamic era. Al-Azhar mosque was the first school in the regular institutes today, where the courses were held by the state and leased by scientists and teachers.Muhammad Ali and Changing the Education System (Modern Age):With the rule of Mohamed Ali Pasha ruled Egypt began to change the education system to be in the form of modern systems, the establishment of military schools and higher schools and schools and primary schools.First Egyptian University:In 1908, the first modern Egyptian university was opened, namely, the Egyptian University (now Cairo University), and then the establishment of universities throughout Egypt.Stages and Types of Education1- Pre-School2- Kindergarten3- Primary4- Preparatory5- Secondary6- UniversityMandatory education: It is from the primary stage to secondary school.Secondary education: divided into several different degrees                   * High school                   * Secondary Azhari (This is special for Azhar schools)                   * Technical education (industrial – commercial – agricultural – hotel – nursing)                   * Private school certificates (American – Canadian – French – British -International)Secondary School System (National):It is the Egyptian government system that is qualified to enter Egyptian universitiesAzharian certificate system:It is the system to enter the Azhar universitiesTechnical Education System:An industrial technician in which the students practice a different jobs and qualify them to work directly without the need to enter the university(Commercial secondary school) where students learn accounting and some of the materials of the Faculty of Commerce(Agricultural school) where students learn agriculture and some of the Faculty of Agriculture(A secondary hotel school) where students learn everything about tourism and hotels(Secondary Nursing school)  This system is intended for girls to graduate nursesCertification systems and private schoolsInternational Baccalaureate (IB) is a limited international model international school that implements curricula of a special and international nature in Arabic and follows the general education sector.Language schools: taught Most of government curricula in English, French or German and it added as a second foreign language or schools are taught in French as well as English as a second language.British Schools: Dependent on the IG system – the International General Certificate of Secondary Education or the British General Certificate of Culture (IGCSE – International General Certificate of Secondary Education)American Schools: High School American Diploma is accredited by SITA – International Accreditation Authority and across regions (CITA – Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation) and students are apply for the SAT exam (SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test). The student is evaluated according to the GPA system (GPA – Grade Point Average) which uses symbols (A, B, C, D, F) to be evaluated according to the points assigned to each code. The students’ exams are based on the College Board.French schools is accredited by the French Education Agency (AEFE – Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger)Canadian schools: The Ontario Secondary School Diploma, the British Columbia Certificate of Graduation or the Nova Scotia High School Diploma (Nova Scotia High School Diploma) or the High School Diploma in Manitoba High School Diploma.German Schools: German High School Certificate (Baccalaureate) (Abitur oder Zeugnis der Allgemeine Hochschulreife) in English (The German Secondary School Certificate)Italian schools: A high school diploma is granted by Italian schoolsSchools of Embassies and Consulates: Schools are established by foreign bodies. Education is restricted to non-Egyptians who are members of the foreign diplomatic and consular corps and other foreigners. The provisions of the ministerial decisions on private schools, including the Russian school, the Japanese school, and the Korean school are not applicable.If you would like to know more about schools and their details, or if you are interested in choosing the appropriate school, enter the website with more than 1000 schools in Egypt.Before you leave, if you are confusing and don’t know schools in Egypt well visit our website and get all the information you want to know EasySchoolsFollow us on social media and be updated to schools news.Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google-plusReference: Huffingtonpost , Wikipedia – UCAS – British Columbia – Quora – AEFE – College Board – College Readiness – WikiPedia  – Cambridge International 

10 Tips and Tricks to Learn English or any language

Added In 15-03-2018

10 Tips and Tricks to Learn English or any languageDon’t expect that when you are just reading this article you will be an American and speaking like natives, you need to be patient and diligence and diligence and diligence to learn English or any other languages it’s the same stepsWe’ll talking about a few ideas and tips you can be done. We try to shorten our speech and speak in useful along.Reading:Reading books will not only help you become a creative person full of imagination and ideas, but also help you get better at English. Try this for a month and see the results.Morning: Start your morning with  newspaper reading (in English) for 15 minutes, watching news (in English) on TV for 20 minutes and try to increase times gradually.Think in English:The wise men of Africa say, ‘As you think, so shall you be,’ so, if you want to see yourself as a man who speaks English fluently, you got to start thinking in English. I know, it’s gonna be difficult initially, but, after some 20-21 days, you’ll start doing it unconsciously. Arrange a Private Tutor:You can go to any English centers (Egypt already has a lot of them) you will practice English with some professionals and beginners like you OR you can enroll to any online course with private tutor one on one. Start Writing & start Speaking:write some 3 to 5 pages and increase pages gradually (on any topic that comes in your mind). The idea here is to make you sit, write, and speak.Movies & Music:All of us love watching Movies or listening Music but when you watching movies watch it English subtitles and Music with English lyrics.Talk to yourself:Whenever you’re at home (or alone somewhere else) you can practice your English with your favorite person: yourself.If you’re already thinking in English, try speaking your thoughts out loud. even if you don’t have anyone to correct your mistakes, just the act of speaking out loud will help you become more comfortable speaking English.Use a mirror:Whenever you can, take a few minutes out of your day to stand in front of the mirror and speak. Choose a topic, set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes and just talk.The point of this exercise is to watch your mouth, face and body language as you speak.Focus on fluency, not grammar:The more you stop, the less confident you sound and the less comfortable you become. Try the mirror exercise above, but challenge yourself to speak without stopping or stammering (taking pauses between your words) the entire time.Try some tongue twisters:Tongue twisters are series of words that are difficult to say quickly. One example is: “The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.” Try saying this a few times! It’s not easy. I hope this post, these ideas help you learn English the right wayBefore you leave, if you are confusing and don’t know schools in Egypt well visit our website and get all the information you want to know EasySchoolsFollow us on social media and be updated to schools news.Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google-plusReference: Fluentu, Daily life dramas

Let’s see some ideas to prepare your child to pre-school

Added In 15-03-2018

Pre-school stage is an important for children because it change their attitude.This stage has a lot of feature:A suitable place for children to play and interact with each other.They will learn letters, numbers, colors, and activities.Children learn to participate, respect rules, self-reliance and flexibility in dealing with different children.Helping to build a child’s personality.To prepare the child for the school and KG stage and move from a small environment (home) to a larger and wider environment.Let’s see some ideas to prepare your child to pre-schoolGames: Kids learn faster with playing games and preferably if your friends wants to give your child a gift ask them to give a learning gift, puzzle, coloring, shape of letter or numbers.Share of interest: learn your child patience, if you doing something tell him to wait until you finished and not answer him immediately to do this habit with all people.Playing in groups: if you have a club membership let your child participating into team sport, if this option not available to you you can subscribe to public library or centers suitable for children to playing with each other.Family time: form time to time leave your child with his grandparents or uncles you will not have any worries and you will make a strong relation with their relatives.Routine:  The child is supposed to follow a certain routine in the pre-school. Try to make that routine in the house too, for example (sleeping time, washing hands before and after eating, eating on table and so on) because the child is used to routine and this is will be a life style.Small trip: make a small trip with your children with out your car, take him in a tour to see other people and places.Develop a self-reliance skill: when children going to pre-school they will learn independence so you may develop this skills in home too such as they wearing their clothes by them-selves and helping you in preparing food.Tie hair: ensure that if your child’s hair long tie it for health and safely purpose.Organize: learn your children to be organized if you always tell them to organize their toys they will grow up as an organized.Self-convinced: talk as much as you can with your child to improve the his pronunciation, speech and writing and the way he talks.Before you leave, if you are confusing and don’t know schools in Egypt well visit our website and get all the information you want to know EasySchoolsFollow us on social media and be updated to schools newsFacebook, Twitter , Linkedin,  Instagram , Google-plus, Reference: Huffingtonpost

Tips will help you organize your study time

Added In 15-03-2018

Tips will help you organize your study timeWe will talk about today some tips to organize your study time and make an effective schedule to accomplish your work quickly.Summary:1- Priorities2- Determine your study3- organize your schedule4- Time for your-self5- Study style6- Commitment7- Tell friends8- Results9- Motivativation10- Make smart phone your assistant.Priorities:Wrote down all things you want to study or even you just want to read about it and prioritize them which one you should study study first and which one later.Determine your study:After we have written all the subjects that we want to study, we should specify what we will study in each article. It is not necessary to study for 4 or 5 hours in one subject you can divided them, the important parts are the first and you can enter to the second subject. this technique don’t make you feel bored and it may let you study for longer time with good efficiency.Organize your schedule:Make a schedule like school ones. divided the week to blocks and put the subjects into it as you like. you will do that routine every day until it becomes a habit. last studies refer to study time should between 30 to 45 min and 10 min rest but don’t take your rest checking social media, what’s app or watching move, you can drinking tea, eating snacks or going to balcony and after 10 min continue your study.Time for your-self:allocate some blocks for your-self sleeping, outing with friends, family time, activities and sports.Study style:when you make your schedule determine your study style to estimate the time for each block.Commitment:it is the hardest point to commitment to your schedule but if you do it and making it a routine it will be as a life style and you will be always want to know new things.Tell friends:to ensure that nothing will disturb you and tell your friends about your schedule and you will not be able to meet them as always and you have commitments now that you should finish it.Results:at the last days on the week analytic your results, if your plan schedule was good enough or need improvements, became lazy or active and did most of your tasks…etc its your future you should care about it because no one can help you to be a successful person.Motivation:make a list or one thing that motivates you a lot it may be a popular university, a role model, someone you love or you want to improve your-self and become a successful person and wrote it with big font at the top of your schedule to see it always and if any day you felt laziness it will motivate you.Make smart phone your assistant:everyone has smart phone so you can download some app to help you to organize your time and remind you if you forget go to this link and check them time management appsBefore you leave, if you are confusing and don’t know schools in Egypt well visit our website and get all the information you want to know EasySchoolsFollow us on social media and be updated to schools newsFacebook, Twitter , Linkedin,  Instagram , Google-plus, Reference:Top UniversitiesWikiHowTop Universities

10 ways to develop your child’s creative abilities

Added In 15-03-2018

10 ways to develop your child’s creative abilitiesWe will talk about things may be parents do to develop child’s creative abilities and mentality.Please feel free to share your experience wit us and we will put it into our social media accounts and share it with others.1- Provide the resources they need for creativity.2- allocate a special place in the home for children.3- try buy gifts for the child that will help creativity and tell your friends if they want to buy a gift for your child it prefer to help them improve creativity and mentality. 4- Allow children the freedom and independence to explore their ideas and do what they want.5- Encourage children to read for pleasure and to participate in the arts.6- Give children the opportunity to express their opinion and disagreement with you and discuss.7- Question the child constantly Do you enjoy what he did? Do you want to do it again? And what is the most activity do you enjoy?8- Minimize the time of watching television and electronic games, whether on mobile or computer.9- Do not punish your child for the error or failed attempts, but encouraged and tried with him.10- Do not direct solutions to your child and discuss what he does.There are funny games to improve Child’s creativity and mentalityOrigami ColoringPuzzleClayCubesMeccanoBefore you leave, if you are confusing and don’t know schools in Egypt well visit our website and get all the information you want to know EasySchoolsFollow us on social media and be updated to schools newsFacebook, Twitter , Linkedin,  Instagram , Google-plus, 

25 indirect questions to ask your child about school

Added In 15-03-2018

25 indirect questions to ask your child about schoolHow many times you ask your child about school ? “what did he/she do?” “Did his/her day good?” and most of the time the answer is “FINE” only.for sure every mother dose’t want this answer, she wants more details about school in general, friends, school activities…etc.to know if this school is suitable or not besides she wants to know how her children are thinking and coaching them if they did anything wrong.if the child didn’t tell by him/his-self what happened in school the mother wouldn’t know anything or if she knows by any chances may be the children thoughts that she is spying on them and the relation will become complicated.in this article we will try to show you some indirect questions for mothers to ask their children.What did the best thing happen today ?What did the funniest situation in your classroom or school?Who did you prefer to sit beside him/his? and who not? What is your favorite place in school?What did the weirdest thing you hear today?If i call your teacher what will he/she tell me about you? and why?Did you help someone today ?Did anyone help you?What did you learn today in school?There is anything upset you today in school? and what made you happy?  Which friend is you love to play with?Which friend is you want to play with and you didn’t play with him yet?Which one you don’t love to play with him/her?What is your favorite subject?What is the subject you to improve your-self at it?What is your unfavorite subject?Who is your best friend?Who is want to know him/his?What is your favorite sport in school?What is your favorite lunch? If you will be a teacher for one day, what will you do?If a spaceship comes, which one you want to take from school or classroom?Note:Choose the right time and place to talkdon’t ask your child if you don’t focus to their words, choose the suitable times to ask them to ensure your child feel you are totally with him.if you used to talk with your child he/she will grow up on this habit and he/she will be your friend and talk about everything about his/her life.Don’t interrupt themdon’t interrupt your child let him/her finish talking and make a comment as you like.more detailslet your child tell you every point in details and tell him you want to know morewhat did he feel?when your child told you a situation tell him/her “what did you feel?”At the end told him/her you was happy and thankful for sharing and it was an enjoyable time.It was some indirect questions about schools for mothers to ask their children about school day and this action becomes a routine between them and i think fathers should participate in this routine and make time for his children at least once per week.Before you leave, if you are confusing and don’t know schools in Egypt well visit our website and get all the information you want to know EasySchoolsFollow us on social media and be .updated to schools newsFacebook, Twitter , Linkedin,  Instagram , Google-plus, 

Encouraging Children in school

Added In 05-04-2018

Encouraging Children in schoolToday we will talk about general advice and previous experiences on the subject of encouraging your child in school and study and we try to stay away from the atmosphere of the Arabic language and simplistic speech.At the first day of the school the children are may be worried and anxious or may be not, so we will mention some advises for father and mother.Try to talk to the child and let them imagine that he is in a journey in a new place with new people and new friends where their will be enjoyed the time very much.The way you speak is important to make your child feel that he is a mature person but you speak with him in a simple way that he can understand.Tell him about the benefits he will know and the new friends who will know them in school and study with them and outing with them, if they have the same membership in same club or have the same hobby (drawing, music or any handmade activity), the children will encourage each other.Let the know that the school is doing trips to different places and it has a lot of fun and activities not the house of terror.Don’t mention school as a type of punishment.Let the child choose his stationary as independence.It will be good if you let the child going to school and see it before you apply for it.Let the child choice the school he preferred after you had been visited all schools you want.Encouraging Children in Studyat first, please don’t use punishment to force the child to study and forget it.okay we forgot it fine. lets continue7 or 8 hours of studying is not a good idea. divided your child’s time so that he can do all things he want to do and use his big inner energy, sometimes study, activity, hobby, playing or club.As we talk about the importance of studying we should talk about the importance of sports and life, and the life is not just studying, as a parent you prefer your child is always getting  full marks in exams or even be from top 10 at school but his social life is so bad, introverted person or may be ha will not do well at work after university OR you prefer a child with medium grads but has a wonderful social skills, people love him and he getting a wonderful career. IT IS YOUR CHOICE! although if any parent accomplish this hard equation and make their children Outstanding in school, social and sports we should make a status for them and give them first class medal of country.Develop in your children the hobbies they love (drawing – sport – music or even disassemble his toys ) Look for the courses or centers that develop talents for children and Hobbies. don’t make your life life for just studying boring books let him do activities it will make him better at school too.Talk to your children, know how they thinking, what happened in their school day, accompany your children, not just acting that you and your children are friends and in fact you don’t know anything about them. both mother and father must do that not mother alone it is one of father’s responsibilities. try to divide their goals or study into small pieces he will do better than before because child when see he has too many works he may be become a lazy and don’t do it, the human brain nature tended to laziness so we will give it a chances to be lazy.   Don’t chose your child’s future let him choose what he want even if he want to be a carpenter, plumber or driver if he loves what he do he will be a creative and may be an innovative in his career and create something new and will be a very successful person. however, when child grow up he may be change his mind and thinking often and try a lot of jobs so let him work and decide what he want.  always say motivational speech to your children and positive words and not negative words and give them gifts when they done their goals and not prefer every time the gift is money  may be money, new clothes, trip or even foods he love and when you feel that he become lazy remind him about the prize.Don’t watch T.V, playing on computer or mobile when your children are studying and it prefer from you read a book or working thus will give child a feedback you do your best so it will encourage the child to do his best too.Try to connect between what the child learned with life.Be a really good friend to your child.Share your ideas and suggestion may be someone benefit from it.Before you leave, if you are confusing and don’t know schools in Egypt well visit our website and get all the information you want to know EasySchoolsFollow us on social media and be updated to schools newsFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google-plus

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