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Nahda University


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19206 / 0822284688

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Banisuef sharq el Nil Mror Road.

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Nahda University (NUB) was established in 2007 to offer premium education services in Upper Egypt. NUB is the first private university in Upper Egypt, and offers affordable undergraduate programs in the fields of Pharmacy, Dentistry, Engineering, Media, Computer Science, and Marketing. • The Academy aims to achieve the highest level of service delivery and therefore encourages the Academy to submit any complaint to seek to solve and reduce any negative impact on the lives of students and employees of the Academy • Every student, employee or worker has the right to file a complaint if he / she is not satisfied with the quality of service provided by the academic / college, whether that complaint concerns academic or non-academic aspects. Once submitted, the complaint will be verified and studied. • Student complaints procedures include feedback from students on the services provided by the academy / college, so this process is an important source of improvement of the services provided by the Academy to its students. Faculty members are called upon to cooperate with students, examine their complaints and respond to any outcome of the investigation of such complaints. • The Academy has an administrative system that ensures the following speed: 1. Decision on the complaint submitted by students. 2. Complete confidentiality of complaints 3. The student should not be harmed because of his complaint.

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