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Seeds British School

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011 11688077 , 2 01016224447


Plot 1, Block, 44, Cairo Ismaileya Desert Rd., Cairo Show On Map

Seeds British School

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School number

011 11688077 , 2 01016224447
Plot 1, Block, 44, Cairo Ismaileya Desert Rd., Cairo Show On Map

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School fees

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

اين توجد غابات الاطلس وهى الاكبر من نوعها في العالم العربي ؟





about Seeds British School

 Seeds Language School is a premium school that is established to develop independent internationally-minded learners, distinguished by their outstanding education.

Seeds Language School is a new school that offers the national curriculum of Egypt with a semi-International approach, under the management of Nefertari schools.

Seeds Language School is committed to providing a learner-centered, cheerful, safe and disciplined educational atmosphere where the students are encouraged to develop and acquire a love of learning desire so that each student can become a productive successful member of the Egyptian as well as the global society. This is fostered by the dedicated, committed and supportive staff and school leadership together with a parental community that feels welcomed and valued.

their vision at SLS is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the Egyptian Society while we are SOWING THE SEEDS OF EXCELLENCE.


Goals & Objectives

SEEDS LANGUAGE SCHOOL respects high achievement, personal development and learning for life and work, by working with students to: 

• Develop thinking and enquiring minds with a spirit of curiosity. 

• Become highly motivated and lifelong learners. 

• Be flexible, adaptable and open to the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of modern life and the world of work. 

• Have high self-esteem – respecting themselves, others and the environment. 

• Be able to work independently and collaboratively. 

• Recognise their capabilities and maximise their individual potential in all areas of the curriculum. 

• Advance and gain confidence in their technological skills. 

• Seek to extend themselves happily, culturally, intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually. 

We believe that students will succeed through experiencing quality in: 

• a secure, respectful, caring and stimulating learning environment. 

• An enriching programme of extra-curricular activities and trips. 

• A rich, varied and up to date range of learning resources. 

• Innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning and is sensitive to the needs of the individual. 

• An ethos of support, encouragement and challenge to succeed. 

• Learning partnerships between school and home. 

We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by: 

• Respecting the individual but working collaboratively towards common goals with shared learning outcomes. 

• Constantly monitoring and evaluating our progress – endeavouring to become a self-evaluating school. 

•Striving for continuous improvement in all that we do.



• Coeducation School. 

• Semi-International Educational System: - National Curriculum of Egypt encompassing and combining the methods and features of the international educational requirements. 

• English as a First Language (Language & Literature). 

• Second Foreign Language from 2nd Primary (French/ German). 

• Wide range of co-, extra and cross-curricular activities . 

• Character building. 


• Dedicated, professional, highly qualified teachers. 

• Fluent English Language speaking teachers for English, Science and Math. 


• Supportive with very strong and solid educational experience.


School Facilities



•Designed to accommodate a healthy educational environment. 

•Smart boards and internet access. 



•Assembly Room. 

•Computer Laboratories. 

•Science Laboratories. 


•Multi-media Room. 

•Music Rooms. 

•Art Workshops. 

•Home Economics Room. 



•Football Pitch. 

•Volleyball Court. 

•Basketball Court. 





•KGs Playroom. 

•Health Clinic with a School Physician on duty at all the times. 

•School Counselor. 





- SLS provides a large fleet of buses covering all surrounding areas. 

- Special attention is given to the selection of certified bus drivers and matrons

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