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Mavericks School

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01288503378 , 010 10998558


Central Area, 2nd District, New Damietta, Damietta Show On Map

Mavericks School

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School number

01288503378 , 010 10998558
Central Area, 2nd District, New Damietta, Damietta Show On Map

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School fees
American diploma Pre-School 1st Grade
48000 EGP
American diploma Primary School 1st Grade
53000 EGP
American diploma kindergarten Kg-1
49000 EGP
American diploma Primary School 2nd Grade
53000 EGP
American diploma Primary School 3rd Grade
53000 EGP
American diploma Primary School 4th Grade
53000 EGP
American diploma Primary School 5th Grade
53000 EGP
American diploma Primary School 6th Grade
53000 EGP
American diploma kindergarten Kg-2
49000 EGP
American diploma Pre-School 2nd Grade
48000 EGP
American diploma Pre-School 3rd Grade
48000 EGP

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

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about Mavericks School

Mavericks, the first blended learning school in Egypt.


Mavericks Purpose: 

We strive to empower our children to become true mavericks. Mavericks are those who think for themselves, are independent and solve the world’s toughest problems. We also aim to empower our student’s parents because they share our same values, which are investing in their children’s lives and providing them with affordable high-quality education.


Mavericks Vision: 

Mavericks’ vision is millions - if not billions - of happy and successful mavericks who solve the world’s most complex problems. We aspire to create a global network of micro-schools that provide high-quality education at an affordable cost for all children without any financial, societal, ethnic, geographic or disability barriers.


Mavericks Mission:

Mavericks’ mission is to operate a network of micro-blended schools that targets students all around the world and offers personalized learning that respects their strengths, preferences and interests.​


We work to broaden every Mavericks student's horizons by connecting them globally with other cultures from around the world.


Our curriculum follows the Common Core Standards as well as Minnesota State Standards for Language and Arts. It also follows the standards of the Ministry of Education in Egypt and provides rigorous Arabic language and religious studies teaching.



American Diploma - American International Accreditation Association (AIAA)


Our branches:


- 6th of October Campus: Cairo-Alex Desert Road, behind Hazem Hassan, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.

- Kattameya Campus: Ring Road, Kattameya, behind El Seid club, Cairo, Egypt.

- New Damietta Campus: El Hay El Thany, El mantekka Al markazeya


Mavericks embraces and leverages innovative teaching methods and technology to develop the unique potential of its students in a community that values high scholarship, a global perspective, social responsibility, and the freedom to pursue one’s passions.


Mavericks is the first school in Egypt to adopt Blended Learning. We leverage innovative teaching methods and technology to build problem solvers who are capable of realizing their own potential and solving the world's toughest problems! We are accepting students grade K through grade 4 starting September 2016.


Mavericks adopted the station rotation model. This model provides a lot of flexibility in teaching and learning, which will benefit both students and teachers alike. Our blended learning experience utilizes face-to-face and online resources interchangeably and flexibly. This allows students to alternate between both according to their pace and interest while being guided by their teacher’s input and feedback. As for KG, the use of technology will be limited to the teacher who will guide the learning process.


Each student is assessed individually, and their progress is tracked through their portfolio. The master teachers then check for patterns of weaknesses and strengths in order to work on weaknesses and develop strengths. Students will be involved in the whole process to make it as a student-centered as possible.


Regarding the classroom activities, mainly hands-on and contextual activities take place. As for the online, students perform activities that include developing factual knowledge and assessing skills through different learning platforms.


Students are assessed differently, and material is presented to each student using the approach that best suits him/her. Teachers will be aware of each student’s skills and capabilities to provide the appropriate learning environment accordingly.


Technology will teach students how to learn, be resourceful and responsible. Technology not only connects students to each other and the teacher but also to the world, which is vital today due to globalization. Students will be using technology through e-books, doing research and off – campus activities, which engages them in the learning process.


We believe that teachers are the main component of student success so choosing the most qualified and effective is our main concern. What we look for in a teacher:


Attentively listens to students and encourages individuality

Nurtures each student’s social-emotional skills through every activity and assignment

Understands the importance of academic standards and provides a well-rounded education to meet it

Brings students and the community together through hands – on learning experiences/projects

Works closely with parents to support and help their children reach their full potential

Makes full use of technology to enhance the classroom learning experience


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