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Manaret Heliopolis International School

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(+2) 0224 71 33 32 , (+2) 0224 70 04 07


Hazem Salah street, Ext. Mustafa El Nahas street ، Nasr City, cairo Show On Map

Manaret Heliopolis International School

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Manaret Heliopolis International School number

(+2) 0224 71 33 32 , (+2) 0224 70 04 07
Hazem Salah street, Ext. Mustafa El Nahas street ، Nasr City, cairo Show On Map

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Manaret Heliopolis International School fees
IB Diploma Primary School 1st Grade
75000 EGP
IB Diploma kindergarten Kg-1
65000 EGP
IB Diploma Middle School 1st Grade
85000 EGP
IB Diploma Primary School 2nd Grade
75000 EGP
IB Diploma Primary School 3rd Grade
75000 EGP
IB Diploma Primary School 4th Grade
75000 EGP
IB Diploma Primary School 5th Grade
75000 EGP
IB Diploma Primary School 6th Grade
75000 EGP
IB Diploma kindergarten Kg-2
65000 EGP
IB Diploma Middle School 2nd Grade
85000 EGP
IB Diploma Middle School 3rd Grade
85000 EGP

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about Manaret Heliopolis International School

How we Learn 

Our approach to the structure of each day is based on key concepts rather than time. In a traditional school the day is divided into minutes by subject with little if any connection. At our school connections are at the heart of each day – the more, the better.

Math, English, Arabic, Religion, Art, Music, Social Studies, French/German, Science, and PSPE are completely integrated, meaning that children learn by inquiring about concepts, rather than learning them as stand alone subjects. This way the children are invested in solving a conceptual problem that they understand and is relevant to their lives. It all begins with something they already know a little about – themselves, their families and their community. They often do not realise they are learning “math”, but instead realise the need to “count, subtract, divide, or multiply” as a means to solving the problem of inquiry. As a school dedicated to life-long learning under the framework of the IB standard, our approach to teaching skills are…


based on inquiry

focused on conceptual understanding

developed in local and global contexts

focused on effective teamwork and collaboration

differentiated to meet the needs of all learners

informed by formative and summative assessment.



Our Class Sizes 

We have a maximum of 18 students in each class and every homeroom class has two teachers at the same time. Our ratio of 9 students per teacher helps to guarantee that each student is given the due attention needed to help them develop and learn, and is amongst the best in the country. Other international schools average between 24-28 students per teacher.


We ♥ Technology 

Our dedication to the use of technology in education has its basis in the belief that technology can help us to widen the scope of learning for our students. Whilst many schools now provide technological tools, we focus its use in promoting inquiry and offering a gateway to multiple mediums of engagement. ICT is fully integrated. Our students are digital natives – technology is part of their lives and although we also use our fully equipped computer lab to practice computer skills, we make using technology of all sorts – part of daily life at MHIS.



Like most schools, students at a PYP school will have some homework. Most homework assignments are inquiry based. Don’t be surprised if your child comes home with a lot of questions, or wants to discuss how problems can be solved in different ways. That is the natural response to motivated learning and inquiry based lessons. The homework assigned is not overwhelming and children still have time for a variety of after school activities. We feel that is important. Long-term and large projects are given ample time to complete.


Our Mission is simple.

We strive to build a consistent, challenging and safe learning environment that supports each child in exploring their full potential. Our students will be lifelong learners who will always be proud of who they are, cherish their own values and beliefs, respect differences and other cultures, whilst ready to join the world with open-mindedness, tolerance, and confidence


Our Vision is clear.

Our vision is to create a community that fosters lifelong learning, is open minded, and tolerant, whilst appreciating its own identity and culture; a community that is courageous in this quest for positivity, and ready to contribute to a more peaceful world.


Our Campus

Despite being a relatively small school, students at MHIS enjoy modern, purpose-built facilities including: Science laboratories, Computer laboratories, Smartboards in every classroom, Multiple fully stocked libraries with international titles, Fully equipped Art and Music rooms, Outdoor swimming pool, Gyms, Playground areas, Mini Athletics track, Football pitch,70 seat auditorium.

01. Science Labs

Inquiry is borderless at MHIS. Our students use the breadth of the facilities, including fully equipped chemistry and physics labs to explore and learn.

02. ICT

Despite the total integration of IT in our inquiry, students have a dedicated IT lab for further learning.

03. Library

Reading & Research is central to inquiry; that is why we have multiple libraries and reading schemes at MHIS.

04. PSPE

Balanced learners understand the value of physical exercise, outside in the open and the indoor gyms provided.

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