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Leaders' College

Leaders' College

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Leaders' College

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Leaders’ College is Providing students with a balance between content and the skills they need to apply to future academic and life situations, Leaders’ College emphasize higher thinking skills, including analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and creation. The school’s independence allows faculty to explore best practices and promote inquiry-based and critical thinking. Small class sizes allow teachers to get to know each student as an individual and use that knowledge to continually challenge and motivate students in their academic pursuits. Leaders’ College is a community of learners in which we share and celebrate life’s successes, while also working together to learn from our greatest challenges. The School’s atmosphere creates space where students feel safe to better understand themselves and their peers and take emotional risks critical for growth and maturation. Leaders’ College strives to create an environment in which every student has multiple avenues to gain a sense of belonging to the school and the greater community. Students also explore their potential for growth through sports, music, and the arts. Leaders’ College believes that knowledge- based education and ethics are inextricable instructions and guidance on the use of knowledge are just as important as the lessons learned. Students develop a sense of citizenship and ethics, graduating the school, poised to be active, positive participants in their communities.
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اين توجد غابات الاطلس وهى الاكبر من نوعها في العالم العربي ؟





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011 50718735 , 011 16040222, 02 25363703
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El Tesaeen St., After Compound Moon Valley, 5th Compound, New Cairo, Cairo
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Leaders' College
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