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Futures Language Schools El-Sherouq City

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0111 2344527 , 01286107970


1st Neighborhood, El Sherouk City, Cairo Show On Map

Futures Language Schools El-Sherouq City

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School number

0111 2344527 , 01286107970
1st Neighborhood, El Sherouk City, Cairo Show On Map

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School fees
National kindergarten Kg-1
9500 EGP
National kindergarten Kg-2
9500 EGP

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ماهو جمع كلمة حرباء ؟





about Futures Language Schools El-Sherouq City

Futures Language Schools

Commencing in 1992, Futures Language Schools (FLS) is now the largest chain of private schools in Egypt.

To ensure maximum geographical outreach, our schools are spread across Egypt with plans for expansion, both nationally and internationally. There are 15 schools within the Greater Cairo Metropolis, and 5 schools in Hurghada, Dahab, Suez, Assiut, and Minya; totaling 20 language and international schools in Egypt. Our language schools offer the Egyptian National Curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten up to Thanaweya Amma.


Our Approach is:

• To promote language development skills by introducing English as a second language starting at the Pre-Kindergarten stage, followed by French and German in the Primary stage.

• To provide specialized educational programs focused on methodical language acquisition and proper pronunciation that is tailored to address the challenges of non-native speakers.

• To promote extra-curricular activities through language clubs, cultural activities, sports, and field-trips, as well as themed monthly events.

• To promote the integration of educational technology in the classroom environment by utilizing interactive white boards, virtual classrooms, and a dedicated learning management system.


Founded in 1992, the FES mission has always been to provide equity for all by offering an educational model that is affordable and replicable. Our network of institutions includes the National Egyptian (Thanaweya-Amma), American, British, French, and German systems. Additionally, FES is the first school in Egypt to offer the International Arab Baccalaureate.


Located in some of Egypt’s leading governates (Cairo, Red Sea, South Sinai, Suez, Assiut, and Al Minya) we set out to create a unique cultural model that promotes tolerance and acceptance of others.


We envision that by raising well-educated, well-rounded, well-equipped citizens, we will produce a critical mass of leaders who would leave their mark in their respective communities and pioneer tomorrow’s global workforce.


Our Vision

To be the premier global entity in providing the highest quality, affordable and equitable education to anyone, anywhere.


Our Mission

To create a unique learning and cultural model for students that promotes the development of future generations of civically engaged citizens and world-class global leaders.


We accomplish this by:

• Providing access to a continuum of education and services from pre-k thru college.


• Recognizing, harnessing, and motivating students in reaching their highest potential.


• Embodying and celebrating teamwork, creativity, diversity, loyalty, and responsibility among staff and those we serve.



Our Beliefs

We believe:

• In promoting the academic and intellectual aspects of development that will empower our students to successfully pursue higher education and professional careers.


• Addressing academic, social, emotional, physical, personal and ethical development.


• That effective teachers and great schools are the keys to student success.


• That all FES schools need to be great places to teach and learn.


• That the FES Administration exists solely to support the work of Directors, Faculty, Staff and the schools.


• That FES families and the community have a shared responsibility for students and will ultimately benefit from their success.

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