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Last Update 2020-10-26

Europa Schule Neu Kairo

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012 07777914 , 012 07777918


Mivida Compound, end of Road 90 Next to AUC new campus, New Cairo , Cairo , Egypt. Show On Map

Europa Schule Neu Kairo

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School number

012 07777914 , 012 07777918
Mivida Compound, end of Road 90 Next to AUC new campus, New Cairo , Cairo , Egypt. Show On Map

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School fees

to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

ما هي اكبر الدول في إنتاج الموز ؟





about Europa Schule Neu Kairo

Europa-Schule Neu Kairo is a Private International Bilingual School (German-English) offering a comprehensive and international education in both languages simultaneously starting with Baby-class up to Grade 12.


The School is supported by 19 years of experience located in the heart of new Cairo inside the Mivida compound, one of the luxurious green residential areas in New Cairo”, very close to the American University and to the German University in Cairo as well. The new campus has many facilities designed according to the modern standards, which have positive impact on the academic and social life of the students


This prestigious project is a result of the cooperation between German foundation for education and Emaar Misr.


In the age of globalization and multicultural societies, communication is being now the lifeline of any civilization; it has become imperative for professionals to understand the cultural differences in values and perception, which can be an invisible source of great misunderstanding between people. A poor understanding in areas such as languages may lead to damaging blunders. On the other hand an understanding of Languages will pave way for effective communication at various work places, and since the interaction among people is a priority, the tool for this interaction is mainly verbal communication. Which becomes a necessity to master several languages. This is the main reason, why we at ESNK choose the bilingual teaching conception additional to our native language.


Our Vision

To ensure students reach their potential, Europa Schule Neu Kairo will become the largest and most influential bilingual school in Egypt.


Our Mission

* Our mission is to provide our students, well-balanced curriculum by using a range of instructional techniques to serve their individual needs best. German, English and Egyptian Curricula are combined within a culturally diverse educational setting. Our work is based on a strong and good collaboration between teachers, students and parents to support the child’s development the best.

* Our mission is to provide our students the opportunity to develop and strengthen their personality and their academic and personal competences in an international educational environment and a familiar atmosphere.

* Our mission is to support our students in developing the skills and competences necessary for a successful life in our global society. Our students learn and develop:

 – Academic and methodical competences

– To be tolerant, open-minded and respectful

– Effective communication skills

– To live healthy and in a balanced life style

– To be responsible and self-confident

– To make decisions, to solve problems and to think independently and critical

– To be creative and passionate about life-long learning

– To become productive citizens and active participants in the global community.


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