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St. Clare School

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22912644 - 24144017 - 01284050600


No. 20 El Thawra St., Heliopolis El Thawra St., Heliopolis, Cairo Show On Map

St. Clare School

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School number

22912644 - 24144017 - 01284050600
No. 20 El Thawra St., Heliopolis El Thawra St., Heliopolis, Cairo Show On Map

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to know more about schools fees 2019-2020

ماهو الشيء الذي تكون درجة حرارته ثابته ولا تتغير مهما وضعته على النار أو في الثلاجة ؟





about St. Clare School


We strive to provide academic excellence and the promotion of human and spiritual values in a Salesian atmosphere of joy and nurturing, giving our students the sense of belonging to a worldwide family. We prepare them to meet the challenges of the future and become responsible stewards of God’s creation.



We find the very reason for our existence in the integral education of children. We see each student as a unique individual who is lovingly created by God. Comprised of students, parents, Sisters, teachers and staff, our educating community is committed to serve as partners of the parents who are the first educators of their children.


Salesian Method

We follow Don Bosco’s educational approach of reason, values and loving kindness, which helps create a positive atmosphere of joy and friendliness coupled with a firm insistence that students demonstrate personal responsibility, discipline, academic excellence, and respect towards all of God’s creation.


Don Bosco's System

Don Bosco called his system of education “preventive” since his goal was to prevent the child from poor choices so as to reduce the need for punishment. He insisted that parents and educators use gentle firmness to reason with each child to help her choose to live by good values. (Reason – Values – Loving Kindness).


What does it mean to be Salesian?

mazelloFamily spirit sums up the Salesian philosophy of education. Our founders, Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello, focused their energies on helping young people feel the love of God through their educators. Their secret was to form a family unit with the young, using a discipline of respect and gentle firmness that helped the child correct unacceptable ways of behavior while still maintaining her dignity. Salesian spirituality is both simple and practical. Don Bosco taught young people to please God by always being joyful. Mary Mazzarello would tell the girls to “do the right thing, at the right time, and only for the love of God.” Working in their own spheres yet focused on the same goals, these two helped thousands of children to achieve a profound sense of human and spiritual maturity. Following in their footsteps, we too, work to educate the whole child, preparing her for the future through academic strength, spiritual acuity, and human goodness.


We find the very reason for our existence in the integral education of children. We see each student as a unique individual who is lovingly created by God. Comprised of students, parents, Sisters, teachers and staff, our educating community is committed to serve as partners of the parents who are the first educators of their children.

St Clare’s College is an inclusive and caring community where learning is valued and students are given every opportunity to grow in all dimensions of their life. We provide a safe and empowering environment for students to reach their full potential.

The College has dedicated and professional staff that will work with your daughter to support her in all aspects of her schooling. The College has state of the art facilities to compliment your daughter’s learning, such as modern science labs, open plan classrooms, a Trade Training Centre, areas for Performing and Visual Arts, extensive access to Information and Communication Technologies, a large Library and well maintained grounds.

In Years 7 and 8 the Foundation Studies Program enables all students to experience a wide range of courses to provide a sound basis for making future academic decisions.

In Years 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to begin specialising in areas of interest and by Years 11 and 12 they are able to choose individual academic programs and vocational courses that will provide the most appropriate pathway beyond school.

There are many opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities that complement the academic program including leadership development programs, debating, drama, dance, chorale, music and a wide range of sports.

The Pastoral Care Program promotes the spiritual and social development of students as well as supporting their learning needs.

St Clare’s College is a spirited learning community where students can develop their knowledge, skills, confidence and faith. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all prospective students and their families to visit the College and talk to use about how we can support your daughter’s education.

Their Education

St Clare’s College caters for the learning needs of a wide range of students. Students are encouraged to become active learners and to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. The formal curriculum is complemented by a diverse range of opportunities which allow students to experience learning in a variety of settings through excursions, guest speakers, use of ICT, participating in competitions and research opportunities.

High value is placed on learning and on students working to achieve to the best of their ability. Academic awards are presented each semester to recognise students’ academic success and academic endeavours.

College Life

St Clare’s College has celebrated over 50 years of continuous education to the Canberra community (established in 1965). The reason for its establishment in the beginning is now further enhanced with contemporary research supporting the many benefits of girls being educated in a girls’ only school.

St Clare’s has a proud history of success in many fields of endeavour across academic, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular activities. This is due to the support of parents and staff working collaboratively to provide the opportunities for a vibrant and willing student body to participate in the many fields of endeavour available today. St Clare’s College is a welcoming school and open to all.

It is interesting to note that research shows girls in a single sex school are often more competitive amongst their peers in their desire to achieve. The environment of a single sex school, especially for girls, promotes opportunities for students to overcome gender bias that may occur through social learning. Girls approach their studies during the compulsory years more positively in a single sex school and will enthusiastically attempt the areas of Maths, Science and Technology at the senior levels where female representation is generally lower in co-educational schools.

The opportunities for leadership are extensive throughout their secondary schooling at St Clare’s. The girls have the potential to be considered as a Pastoral Care Captain, be on the Student Representative Council, the captain of one of the twenty six St Clare’s sports teams, a House Captain or one of the five senior leadership roles. Girls are role-modelling to girls and the students learn how to be confident, articulate and influential through their involvement in a community of empowered and self-assured young adults.

As a Catholic school, the climate of the College is based on the life and teachings of Jesus and inspired by the example of St Clare. There is an environment of acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation in the way that people treat each other as well as a sense of hope for the future. Students are provided the opportunity to explore their spirituality and have a better understanding of the role of religion in their lives. The students at St Clare’s are also well known in the ACT for their commitment to the less fortunate through raising funds for charities and volunteering for many causes. They are generous and compassionate in their work for the underprivileged.

The students at St Clare’s can shine in whatever they choose to undertake. The girls’ only environment provides the opportunity to build their confidence without socially imposed barriers to hold them back. The expectations are clearer for them in a College that has students from Year 7 to 12 all growing, learning and working together for their mutual benefit and the benefit of society generally.


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