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Collège de la Mère de Dieu

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03-4294312 , 03-4255299 , 002 - 03 - 42 94 312 / 002 - 03 42 55 299 , 002 - 0342 56 889 , 002 - 0342 85 040


No. 128 El Saray St., Wabour El Meyah Semouha, Alexandria Show On Map

Collège de la Mère de Dieu

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School number

03-4294312 , 03-4255299 , 002 - 03 - 42 94 312 / 002 - 03 42 55 299 , 002 - 0342 56 889 , 002 - 0342 85 040
No. 128 El Saray St., Wabour El Meyah Semouha, Alexandria Show On Map

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ما هو السمهرى في اللغه العربيه؟



الرمح الصلب


about Collège de la Mère de Dieu

An ancient building that draws attention is seen as soon as it goes to steps in the street of Martyr Jalal al-Desouki in Wabour Al-Meyah area in the center of Alexandria. You know that it belongs to a long-standing historical institution of the royal heritage that has very little left. And the date of its construction in 1881, it is clear that the building is very old.


School History:

According to its school history, which is published on its website, the Mair de Dieu School is one of the oldest and oldest nuns' schools established during the reign of Khedive Tawfik. The first of these was in Cairo, founded during the reign of Louis XIV. The church building is a large villa located at the intersection of the streets of 26 July and Talat Harb, founded by the patron saint of the Church of Saint Sulpice priest Olivier, and summoned a number of nuns in Paris to the education and education of poor orphans in this church in 1648.


In 1880, a friend of the granddaughter of Muhammad Ali Pasha presented a proposal to Khedive Tawfiq to establish educational institutions in Egypt similar to the schools of the choirs of honor and pledged to manage them to the nuns of the Mir de Dieu. Indeed Khedive invited a number of nuns to Egypt to educate and educate the daughters of high-end families The school of the Sisters of the Mair de Dieu, was called "Sisters of the Girls of Supervision", as well as "the ladies of the Ljunion Donor."


During the period, the number of female students was 16, and in 1881 the second branch of the "Mir de Dieu" was established in Alexandria, the same as the current building in Wabour Al Meyah. In 1921, the school was moved to Abdel Rahman Fahmy Street in Garden City.


Suite for the teaching of the working class:

In 1899 a part of the school building was allocated to teach the girls of the poor and poor classes who were unable to pay their expenses. This section lasted for many years until it was canceled after you entered the school within the system of nuns' schools in Egypt.


Current school objectives:

Al Mir de Dieu School has the following objectives: To provide its students with the mental, moral and religious training that helps them develop their talents so that they and their families can enjoy happiness in order to serve their society efficiently and with awareness of the duty within the society in which they live.


The culture of Merde de Dieu is based on an information system to be the general culture that is indispensable to any citizen. It is also based on a method of performance, thinking and analysis that can be created to create an independent personality in the student. On his website to introduce the school's objectives.


135 years since the establishment of the school:

The ceremony was attended by senior public figures in Alexandria, headed by Dr. Mohamed Sultan, governor of Alexandria, and a number of officials responsible for the nuns' schools in September last year, 135 years after the school was established.


At the time, Dr. Mohamed Sultan says that the Merde de Dieu is one of the most important schools that represent Alexandria in the right way, because of its historical, cultural and scientific appearance, which includes all cultures, and its enlightened culture and science, which cultivates values ​​and ideals in the hearts of students.


"The school graduates students who are considered a source of pride for their country," added Sultan, explaining that the school plays a big role in shaping the female students' character. This is to encourage the promotion of this model of schools, which is a positive model to be followed.


The French School Accreditation:

In March of this year, the school received the certificate of quality and accreditation for Francophone dual education, to be among the 157 schools in the world with this accreditation. In this regard, Majdalani, the head of the school in Alexandria, explained that this certificate of accreditation is To give to schools that contribute to the dissemination of French language and culture in the framework of their educational process outside France.


This accreditation is an important step in the history of the school. It is an official recognition by the French public authorities of the school, as well as opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experience among all schools that have received this accreditation.


Majdalani pointed out that this accreditation is granted by the French Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development after several stages, including the opinion of a ministerial advisory committee composed of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education and the French Institute.


Follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education:

Jumaa Al-Ansari, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Alexandria, said that the Al-Mir de Deu School in its branches follows the curricula of the Ministry of Education. It is also supervised by the Ministry, where it determines its expenses and conditions of admission, Its students qualify for secondary education, which allows them to enroll in various universities in Egypt.


Al-Ansari said in remarks to Iskandrani that the school has so far enjoyed a distinguished scientific position, where many of its students have won the first positions in different educational stages, as well as major centers in the sports competitions in which they participate. Which is the purpose for which it was founded.


The number of students in the school is currently about 1200 students, and includes various stages of education from kindergarten to high school, and contains the Department of International Diploma, which qualifies for study at any university



The nuns of the Mir de Dieu arrived in Alexandria on 6 January 1880 at the invitation of Khedive Tawfik to carry out the education. The next day the newspaper of Alexandria was published in French, with the following news.

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