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University of Zagazig - Zagazig Governorate of Sharkia - Egypt

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History of Zagazig University: Zagazig University is one of the Egyptian universities that was established to contribute side by side with its sisters in the Renaissance of Egypt and its heights. The university started a branch of Ain Shams University in the academic year 69/1970. Zagazig University is the seventh Egyptian university in terms of the history of its establishment. The University has made great strides in all fields in keeping with modern times. She chose a slogan with the image of the great national leader / Ahmed Orabi, son of the East, who stood tall before the brutal colonization calling for the freedom of our dear Egypt. Law No. 18 of 14/4/1974, establishing Zagazig University consists of the six faculties of Ain Shams University in Zagazig, which are the faculties of agriculture, trade, veterinary medicine, human medicine, education and science.      * In May 1975, the Supreme Council of Universities approved the establishment of faculties of Arts, Sciences and Pharmacy.      * In November 1976, the Supreme Council of Universities approved the establishment of the College of Engineering and Higher Institute of Nursing (affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine).      * In November 1976, it was approved to establish a branch of the University in Benha, which includes the faculties of Commerce Benha and Engineering Bshabra, science and agriculture famous and education and medicine Benha.      In August 1980, the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was approved.      * In November 1980, the establishment of the Higher Institute of Productivity in Zagazig was approved.      * In April 1981, the establishment of the Faculty of Sciences in Benha was approved.      * In July 1981, it was agreed to establish two colleges of physical education boys and girls in Zagazig.      * In July 1981, the establishment of the Faculty of Arts in Benha was approved.      In April 1981, the Institute of Medical Technicians was inaugurated The colleges were then established to bring the number of colleges to 33 colleges and institutes in various disciplines, which spread over a wide regional area in the provinces of Sharqiyah and Qaliubiya. On August 1, 2005, the republican decree was issued to establish the University of Banha. Thus, Zagazig University has nineteen colleges:           1- College of Education 2- Faculty of Commerce           3 - College of Agriculture 4 - Faculty of Medicine           5- College of Veterinary Medicine 6- Faculty of Science           7- Faculty of Law 8- College of Pharmacy           9 - College of Arts 10 - Faculty of Engineering         11 - Faculty of Specific Education 12 - Faculty of Nursing         13 - Faculty of Physical Education Benin 14 - Faculty of Physical Education Girls         15- Faculty of Computers and Information 16- Institute of Productivity         17. Higher Institute of Civilizations 18. Institute of Asian Studies and Research         19 - Mubarak Institute of Oncology.   In addition to the faculties of the university, Zagazig University has a highly efficient administrative system. The university has several sectors:                     1. Postgraduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations.                     2- Education, students, youth care and university cities.                     3- Environmental Services and Community Development Sector.                     4- University Hospitals Sector. The university plans to expand the future of the city to have a branch in the city of 10th of Ramadan in order to preserve the green area of ​​the province and to serve the business community and industrial activities are growing in that city. In addition, the university plans to have a postgraduate and research center in the city of Obour to activate and develop graduate studies and research and to start serving the industry and society in the new cities. Vision of Zagazig University: Zagazig University aspires to become an accredited and recognized university with its outstanding level of education, scientific research and sustainable community development.  Message from Zagazig University: An Egyptian government university offering outstanding education, pioneering academic and development research, unique community services and continuous development of its human resources within a framework of innovation, quality, independence and ethical values. The final goals of Zagazig University: A distinguished and effective graduate capable of producing knowledge and competition in the labor market and contributing effectively to the development of society Effective academic and development research based on innovation and knowledge-producing by international standards. A faculty member distinguished scientifically, professionally and culturally. Integrated and sustainable development of society. Physical capabilities, operational systems and human resources that achieve standard performance standards and create and improve the working environment. Advanced arrangement at the national, regional and global level.

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